God makes everything happen at the right time. Yet none of us can ever fully understand all he has done, and he puts questions in our minds about the past and the future.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 CEV

In life, all things happen for a reason and we don’t know why. We are all meant to learn from our mistakes and make sure we make the most of the present situation and look at the future. We all have hope that is suppressed beyond human understanding that comes from God.Yes we sometimes compare ourselves to others and guess what that doesn’t help with the mental well being. Everything in life happens for a reason. Think about what you are thinking. When you are faced with a situation, step back and take a breath, embrace it, don’t put extra pressure on yourself, be patient with yourself and you are doing more than you think. 

I have concluded that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to enjoy themselves as long as they live, Ecclesiastes 3:12 NET

Stressing and overthinking is not going to do us any good. I find that reading the scriptures or singing and actually self-talk goes a long way and it makes you reflect on what you are saying to yourself. 

Your mind can get so exhausted and stressed and it feels like it is too much. This is the time to step back from the situation, acknowledge what is going on, don’t ignore or pretend that it is not happening. That is the worst that you can do for yourself because the thief comes to steal and destroy. Part of the destruction is to isolate you and make you think that everything is just going wrong and it is all your fault or no one knows what is happening or understand what you are going through, but having support and someone that you can text, call to pray for you really does help. Talking about it helps so much as it releases that stigma (or it stops being a thing or big deal) and once it is in the open I found that you are free and a weight is off my shoulder.

Our purpose in life is not to be selfish and ignore the things going around us, for we are to be angry but do not sin. If something bothers us it is way better to talk to God first and then listen to what He says. Some days are so hard that if not for the Lord, you are a paradise of protection to me. You lift me high above the fray. None of my foes can touch me when I’m held firmly in your wrap-around presence! Psalms 61:3 TPT. 

The amazing thing about God is that He has given us all a choice in life and when you call on Him, He will answer and never think you are alone. Let Christ protect you and let the word guide your footsteps 

We should get pleasure from what we eat. We should enjoy what we drink. And we should be happy when we are doing our work. These are all gifts from God. Ecclesiastes 3:13 EASY

What does that mean?

When we went on lockdown, my first thought was God please help me during this lockdown, let me get closer to You and be able to help others that need it. Then Jesus asked the crowd and his disciples to come to him. He said to them, ‘A person who wants to come with me must not think about himself. He must decide that his own life is not important. And he must be like someone who carries his own cross to go and die. Then he may come with me as my disciple. Mark 8:34 EASY. When you say to God, break me, use me and here I am. It is a bold statement and one that should come from the heart with meaning. So I took up the cross and started listening to what the Holy Spirit says to me. First was to stop watching too much Netflix, (no more binge watching) Now the thing that I have learned from cutting off the binge watching to using those times to spend with God is my mind is open to the things of God and also my heart has become so much softer towards everything around me and His Love for people. Now watching is not a bad thing but too much actually is very bad, for it hardereds your heart to the things of God. It makes you doubt the things around you, also stresses you out because you start thinking negative thoughts of yourself because of the things you watch or read. It is so important to feed your Spirit more than your flesh. In Joseph days, when Portiphars wife wanted to sleep with him, guess what he ran away from her.That shows me that sometimes some temptations are worth walking or running far away from them. Ask God to give you the strength to walk away, whatever the situation. 

Working at home sometimes with no one can be overwhelming and too much, it is very good to have people that you can talk to and get your mind away from the situation. So I pray that God will help me, give me strength and integrity to work for Him and not man. The key is to work for God not man. Another thing to understand is that being a follower of Jesus doesn’t cover up bad work but you will be held accountable for the things that happen. Whatever the task may be, put your best effort at it and work with enthusiasm. 

At the end of the day, keep in mind that you are doing very well and that whatever the situation you are never alone and you are loved. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself, be patient and be happy. The more you focus on the problem the more it becomes bigger.

Happiness starts from within and you can choose to focus on God not the problem. For The Lord is my Rock, my fortress, my place of safety. He is my God, the Rock I run to for protection. He is my shield; by his power I am saved. He is my hiding place high in the hills. Psalms 18:2 ERV

Trust in Him only for this is what the Lord says: “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me? Where will my resting place be?Isaiah 66:1 NIV. No problem is too big or small for Him. I pray that the Holy Spirit gives us the strength and courage to know that we are never alone and that we are surrounded by people that love us and want the best for us. I pray that we chose to focus on God and not the problem, in Jesus Name, amen.