“Praise be to the exalted Lord God of Israel, 
for he has seen us through eyes of grace, 
and he comes as our Hero-God to set us free! 
Luke 1:68 TPT

Happy Holidays!!
2013-Holiday in Vienna
Glory to God in the highest
And on Earth Peace
Goodwill toward everyone

Lord God thank You for the past months
It is NOT perfect but 
You are with us
so that makes it perfect

As we celebrate the 
Birth of Christ and looking at the 
Advent, 2020 means something to all
What it means to me right now is
Father, You have made a way 

John the Baptist showed us 
What making a way was like 
In the darkest of time
Christ was born

The first of many miracles happen 
on that day it revealed 
the glory of the Name of Jesus
Lord on that very night that Christ was born
You did it, no home to lie His head 
But You showed us that our ways of Kingship 
And Your ways is different 

You provided the manger for Him to sleep 
And that was the right place and different  
The angels to proclaim to the shepherds 
The good news
The shepherds to be the first to see 
The main Shepard in His glory.

He was the main Shepard and the Saviour
In the fields He was born
With the sheep and 
Humble He came, as a servant 
In Your kingdom it is different 

This year You have made a way 
A provision because You knew 
That this was not going to be easy 
For a lot of us

Isolation is not part of the Kingdom of God
Togetherness, celebration and forgiveness 
Is one of the many qualities You have provided

The internet has brought this to the house of many 
who would have been left alone and away
from the society as a whole 
This has made more people come together

It is different not ideal but 
better than nothing
We are more connected than ever before 
This shows that You knew
what was needed before it happened

Thank You Father 
Jehovah Jerah
For giving us the light
Jesus our light 
Let us take with us the light to those 
Who sit in the darkness and the shadow of death
Guide our feet into the way of peace

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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Season’s Greeting!