Praise the Lord , the God of our ancestors, 
who made the king want to beautify the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem! 
Ezra 7:27 NLT
Www p5K - Day 17

I keep thinking to myself
It might seem I am getting attached to this walking
Well yes it day 17 and we go out daily of course you are
You keep posting every time
Oh we have people around

Hello everyone it is new day
As I got up out of my bed thinking about yesterday
It is a privilege and honour to serve in the house of God 
I would rather be a servant in His house than a queen of the world

To be honest I was a big drama queen 
Very self centred and all about me 
As I grow closer to God the me turns to we
The m is now w flipped, crazy it just one letter

I am still a work in progress
Only God can change the heart of anyone
When He was ready for the world to be on time out
Here we are, all we can do is sit and worship Him

With praise and thanks, Let us sing a song to our LORD: 
“He is so good! His faithful love for everyone endures forever!” 
And we shall shout out loud
Praising the Lord because the foundation of the Lord ’s Temple had been laid.

Jesus is our foundation and King over all
Celebrate and worship the King of Kings
For in Him we have a relationship with God
Let us give thanks for His Love endures forever

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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