HEAR my prayer, O LORD
And let my cry come to You
Psalm 102: 1
Bless the Lord O' my Soul
O Lord, my God, You are very great

You are clothed with Honour and Majesty
You covered Yourself with light as a garment
who stretch out the heavens like a curtain

You have made the foundation of the earth
so it shall not be moved forever

The earth was without formed 
And darkness cover it 
It was void, Lord Your Spirit hover over it

Lord You spoke and there was light
and the darkness disappear

And when we were in darkness 
You send forth the light of the world
In Your lovingkindness, the Light came to the world

It shine and the darkness could not comprehend it.
Jesus was the light that gave life to men

So we cannot stay in the darkness forever
You sent forth Your Spirit to renew the face of the earth
I will sing to the Lord as long as I live

I will sing praises to my God
while I have breath

May my mediation be sweet to You, God
I will be glad in the Lord 
I will sing praises to my God until I take my last breath!

May sinners be consumed from the earth
And the wicked be no more

Bless the Lord O my soul
Praise the Lord
For His mercy endures forever