I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; 
I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh 
Ezekiel 36:14

The story continues…

And as we both turned around to see who spoke, with huge strides he walked passed us. Looking into the scene ahead. How did you find this place? He asked..

As I stood looking with eyes wide open and unable to speak. It was not the sight that made me frighten but the man, something dangerous and familiar about him. Well? and with a nudge from Fulrose. Bringing me back to my senses. I guess it found me as we walked, he turned and looked at me with those piercing light brown eyes. You should leave, as he walked in the exist direction and stopped.

Turning the opposite way, in the midst of this barren land was a tree in the middle. It height was great and it could be seen any where in the circle. For about three hundred yards it was surrounded by small trees clustered together. It leaves were lovely, its fruits looks plentiful. The birds of the air hangout in its branches. From the distance under the small trees, beasts of the field found shade under them. Upon a closer look, water separated the big tree from the small trees in the distance.

Below are links to my story of “Walking into the unknown”. As I sit and let my imagination run wild, this practice is making me think all day. And it lets me be in a Lala land for a while and I seem to love it but one must get back to work.