'For who is God except the Lord ? 
Who but our God is a solid rock? 
God is my strong fortress, and he makes my way perfect.' 
2 Samuel 22:32-33

We serve a big 
And He happens to love us 
Why? Because He is Love
Look around
If not you will miss the mircle
The earth is Yours and all its fullness
To You I lift my soul O God I trust in You
Show me Your ways O’Lord 

Teach me Your Paths
Lead me in Your truth
Teach me, for You are my Salvation
On You I wait all day

You have never left me nor forsake me
Just when I think I haven’t heard anything 
You surprise me showing me that You are still around 
And You listen, all I need is to be attentive

Working from home has tested my integrity 
I have walked in my integrity 
I have also trusted You
I shall not slipped because You are here with me

For I want to thank You, as I ponder on life and wonder 
Why I really want to do good but then I don't
What is the point to the things I see, shaking my head
As I sit to reflect and my hands wonder to the keyboard 

Only to find what I was looking for 
It is only by You that my path is enlarged  under me 
You grab hold of my hand
So I might not slip and fall 

You are my tower of salvation 
You have showed Your servant mercy and anoint my head with oil
I give You thanks and Praise
For You are my lamp.