One thing I ask from the Lord
this only do I seek
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life 
to gaze on the beauty of the Lord
and to seek him in His temple
Psalms 27:4 NIVUK
The Lord is always good
The month of February is over 
Somehow it has gone by very quickly
My heart craves to be near You always
To seek Your face and to see Your beauty

This week has been a week I will say 
Indecent proposals and the wavering of the human mind
My mind Lord, You will I seek
One thing that is been very certain 
Is God, You are faithful and You alway provide for everyone

Work does get very busy and somehow I get through it
It was a tough week, and my Lord and Savior has been faithful
For I actually got through the day and week with a smile 
And God has sustained me throughout the week

You know what? I cannot thank Him enough
As the week got harder, I start to fade 
But I remember then, and I say to my soul why downcast
This I call to mind and there I have hope

Hope in the Lord that He is the same God 
The God of Bethel, the God that saved me when all else failed
The Lord is a God of Love and because of this Love 
I am not consumed by work 
For His compassion never fail

And so after work, I switch off 
Yes not just the laptop but the mind from work 
Then I do yoga or stretch depends on the mood
I have found it takes my mind off work not empty my mind
I don't think my mind is ever empty 
Besides I want it to be of God not clean 
For the enemy to have a walk through it 
It is not an empty park but filled with thoughts 
That the Lord sees, knows and still loves me

So, let me tell you about my journey this week
In my temptation this week well an 
In descent proposal, and God will always provide a way out
As I was walking  in the streets of London 
Camera in hand like a tourist enjoying the city 
I have truly come to appreciate the city 
I never looked at it but now I can’t help but enjoy it 

Lovely I think, for it is the workmanship of our Master
That said I smiled at this young man who taught 
I was tourist and I thought he wanted to ask me a question and he thought I needed help 
It was one of those days, totally loved up so I was nice to him
I mean sometimes the human in me don’t want to speak to anyone
And so the journey started and he started to follow me
Well it was nice conversation
The flattering starts and I was very cautious 
As he Insisted on getting me a drink 
Do I want to entertain this idea?
Well we did get a drink and walked listening to him.

In our conversation I mention Jesus and his response was
I am christian, So we went from shop to shop 
Until he suggests, let me come to your house and cook for you.
Now now young man, I might look vulnerable but I am definitely not a fool 
No thank you was my very stern answer and first
Secondly, all I could think off was, oh God help me
Not again, for the Lord is my Helper and in Him I trust

Well there we go my imagination started to run wild
I mean he could be a killer? Who knows the heart of a person except God
And so I walked away and said goodbye 
Going the long way and cautiously looking to see he has not followed me 
And prayed that he will go straight home and not find another willing victim 

It all crazy but one thing I have learned 
The town is full of mad people 
I am one of them living in a mad world 
I love it, we leave and learn. 

Our God is a faithful God 
I am glad His ways are not my ways 
Or thoughts my thoughts 
His faithfulness continues through all generations
And I delight in knowing and finding out who He is 

The sun was out and shining and so the mood changes 
The smile come out
Save me Lord for I am yours 
Oh how I love Your ways and commandments 
I will meditate on Your word daily
Help me to always see You
Lord Jesus I love You
Thank you for stopping by
God bless you in your journey

Secure yourself to the amazing Father
and the Lord of our Saviour Jesus Christ

Walk in His promises for Your life
Write them down

Say them out loud to yourself or anyone who will listen

Glorify His name especially in the bad weathers
His promises are trustworthy all the time

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

All pics are taken on my walks of life
some modified with apps to see a different angle 🙂