What is man that You are mindful of him
or the son of man that You take care of him?
Hebrews 2:6b

The Story continues….as my imagination runs wild, I let my heart do the talking and mind follow the trail. Welcome to the next part!

She missed her father, to her he was a man of strength, power and purpose. He will never have allowed this to happen. As she took a deep breathe in and release that she could hear the voices above. Help, with a faint voice as the voices stopped. Who is it? Oh, she can hear me. Help, I’m downstairs and can’t move much. Downstairs? Where came the voice. Below exactly the place you are standing, look around you and see if you can find a door that leads to the underground. Okay, I will get some help, says the voice.

With a very stern replied, NO. I mean please don’t with a pause,  it might be too late.

Fine will be down, I found something. Says the voice

Help is coming Athan, if they can open the doors then we will be free. I know says Athan, what? I heard you call out and I can’t leave this place so my sense of hearing has heighten. She could sense his frustration as he looked around. We have an hour before it gets dark outside, and I am not sure what happens to the creatures around me. 

Nwe stopped as they got to the end, leading left and right. You know, we should stay together, says Athan as his gaze met mine. I didn’t release that I was holding my breath until I let out a sigh. You are right but I think we will cover more grounds if we split up as I started say and looked up at him moving his head left to right. With a quizzical look, I stopped talking and Athan carried on. I know that is what you think but it will be a mistake. In silence we both weighed the options, his eyes watching and I could see careful calculations weighing all the options and then he walked towards the left side. 

I guess we finished talking as Folrose and I followed behind and he came to a halt and we almost hit him. As we all moved to the wall, whispering what is it? We have about three in the next room. Well they can’t see me remember? Not sure about that. We are now in another realm and this time they can see you and kill you if needed. What? Yes, we need to fight. Can you? I don’t know how or never done one before as the words came out one at a time and looking at the other way and moving for it seems inviting but not getting far only to get pulled back. 

And she heard the voice again that lured her into this mess, I will help you fight. What? looking at Athan. Did you say something? No, that will be Amiya. You both are linked somehow and I can sense that she is around and not the patient type. 

Looking skeptical at him, how does it work thinking to myself.

© Hannah M Vandi

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Who knows the mind of a human, only God!

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