Then the survivors  came down, the people against the nobles; 
The Lord came down for me against the mighty.
Judges 5:13
Loving the way the trees are blossoming in my park with the flowers springing up 🙂

Lord, You are majestic in every way 
To You belongs all glory and honour 
O my God I trust You, You have been very faithful
Lord You love us so much that You created us in Your image

You created both male and female 
The world is Yours and everything in it
The world change in so many ways but You have never changed

Who is like our God? 
No one compares to You, No one knows much more of the world than You
Forgive us and let us remember Your tender mercies and Your lovingkindness

Your smiles are like the sunshine in the morning 
Your Love is like the sun when it comes out in full strength
Lord I know that I can hide in Your shadows 

Do not remember the sins of my Youth, 
Though they were many, yet You have forgiven me 
nor remember my transgression
According to Your mercy remember me for Your goodness sake

For You are the Lord that is Good and Just 
For You are the God that doesn’t need to be bribed or 
You are not the God to be mocked or 
You were not made with my hands 

And I love that, You are my rock
Nor do you listen to my every taturm but You are gentle and Kind 
You are upright and Just 

Lord You teach sinners the way and Lord Jesus 
You choose and waited for me to come closer 
In the day when sun is hot and the world doesn't want to see me

God, You show up all the time at the right time 
When I am in need of a drink, You show up 
When I am in need of a healing, You show up

It is not always on my time, but Your time 
For You see the bigger picture

The humble He guides in justice 
And the humble He teaches His way

My heart rejoices in the LORD
Because the Joy of the LORD is my strength
©Hannah Michaela Vandi