Praise the Lord for YOU ALL

So this week, 
I am very grateful and thankful for everyone that stops by the door to my treasure vault
That I have partner with the Lord. It is a gift that I treasure and share with you all
A gift that allows me to glorify the Lord and making it an act of worship

Today and any other day 
Here goes, this is a different post to show my appreciation and wow 
I am not sure what to say 

But a huge thank you for everyone that takes the time to read my post 
Everyone that follows me 
What a privilege it is and honour
And to top it you then like my post, comments 

It does mean the world to me 
So today I want to have a dance with you 

Promising to smile all through the dance 
And if you permit me I will give you a big hug 

For that is what I can do without the tears
Thank you for the dance and smiles because everytime I see the likes and comments that how I feel 

I love to dance and not so modest about it 
I am good at it, well so I have been told not just by the men but women too 

May the Lord continue to inspire you all 
Each blog I like and comments 
Touches the flesh of my heart that the Lord has exposed 
So Lord Jesus thank You for all the inspirations that 
You give to the amazing and wonderful bloggers around the world
Continue to inspire them and let the message You want reach the right people
In Your name I pray

♥️ Hannah 💃🏻🦅
white sunny beach of Freetown, Sierra Leone

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