Be exalted, O Lord in Your own strength!
We will sing and Praise Your Power
Psalm 21:13 NKJV
The Earth yours and all that is in it
You have made man in Your image
Lord as I sit with You, 
You tell me a story and I love stories 

It reminds of the little girl at night 
In the moonlight listening to the stories of Life
You always amaze me, You give life to the forgotten
You heal the heart of the lost an impossible job for anyone 
because You are the God of impossibilities

I Love to hear the amazing stories of how You created the earth 
And how it was formed and everything You did was good 
In this  I see that You said one thing was not good 
And so Your servant dare to ask, what is it that is not good

It is not good for a man to be alone 
Why not? Let Your servant dare to speak
Some days I want to be alone
For they do annoy me 
Yes but you also annoy them

As I smile at Your wisdom, 
Together we are one, we value the difference we have 
You made us in Love and so 
We take responsibility, it is always Your grace that brings us together

For as the Iron gets closer to another we have difference of opinion 
Lord, thank You for Your Grace and Mercy for without it 
we will stay far away from each other
I have come to learn that an Iron cannot sharpen 
another Iron from a distance

And the more we get closer the more the sparks flies
The sparks are what makes who we are
Loving each other and speaking the truth in love
In Spite of the faults, so I surrender to You 

Let the sparks fly
Let the dust come out
As the Iron sharpens

For without it we are dull and lifeless
And will be but a statue
So I listen

And I see the beautiful colour of ropes tired together 
And standing against all waves and odds 
That comes there way

The bond is stronger together as the body 
Wisdom strengthens the wise 
For there is not a just man on earth who does good 
And does not sin

Also my dear child do not take to heart everything people say
Lest you hear something that will make you curse 
For you do not want to use your mouth you praise God with and curse another

I have come to realise two hands are better than one
To always fear the Lord and His commandment 
For everything is vanity, and meaningless 
Let the sparks fly and enjoy the joy of the Lord.

Thank You Jesus, You are our mediator 
You are the High Priest
You are the anchor that holds all the colours together

© Hannah Michaela Vandi