Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne;
Mercy and truth go before Your face
Proverbs 89:14

The Story continues….as my imagination runs wild, we see in the eyes of Folrose, Nwe, Amiya and Athan. Welcome to the next part!

Folrose looked at Nwe, head bent and in tears holding the sword and ready to battle. She didn’t blink as she looked around, do you know how we are going to get out of this place alive? 

Nwe? Nothing, waving hands and nothing. Standing up, taking a look around and noticed her body on the floor and then looked at Nwe, who seems to be intently looking at something. Touching her shoulder, Nwe looked at her and then looked at the floor. Can they see you? No, don’t think so says Folrose and you couldn’t see me a minute ago until I touched you. I do believe we have an advantage and possibly an hour to get out of here. I will do my best, you have my word. I was thinking about how this place is a trap for the two and we can use it to our advantage.  As she stood up, getting the attention of Amiya, who moved towards them very gracefully. 

With her mind racing, Nwe couldn’t help but feel intimidated and furious with herself at being  gullible. As both Amiya and Athan got closer to them, Athan spoke first. Nwe, we can work all this out. No one else needs to die and he looks at Amiya who then spoke in agreement. Do you think you have any chance of leaving this place alive? 

I will do my best and die trying but will never join you, looking around. As Folrose starts to move away from the circle with a little skip and a smile. I am sure we can find a way out. You keep them busy and I will look around. 

As she walks away paying attention and very careful not to touch anyone. She got closer to the circle the dogs stood and looked at her, but they can’t see but sense that the air was different. After what seems like forever, she spoke out loud for only New can hear her.

I have found a way out and it is not going to be pretty as she read the scroll the dogs were guarding on the floor. The sword can heal me, and that is why they need it. In the wrong hands can destroy the entire city and in the right hand can do far greater things than you can imagine. But how does it heal you, I asked Folrose. That you need to figure out, for it doesn’t say anything here. You can kill her men, all of them but it will not kill them both, they are the guardians of the sword and owners but due to their love for destroying all things the sword is protecting itself. Hence the dark colour, it now tainted and you are the new owner but it is loyal to Amiya.

So whispering not to get attention, what or how do I attack without them around? Does it say anything about disappearing? No dear, you will need to fight your way out of this but if we can heal me then we can have me do a distraction? 

Amiya looked at Nwe and back at her dogs as if she could sense something was not right. Nwe looked up at Folrose, I have an idea. You need to get the dogs to follow you and she will follow. But.. Just trust me and get them to follow you. 

With all the anger she has, she hit as hard as she can on the table and it flipped forward and dropped all the papers. She then touched on one of the dogs from a distance and turned and ran and the dog followed with the others following behind. Amiya also took the bait as she followed her dogs and so did Athan as they both ran outside, looking over her shoulder and spoke to her men to kill her. 

Great, this is all I need as they all got up and moved towards her.