Yesterday was my anniversary of starting a blog
Very crazy for I never taught I will be doing it for a year
The ideas, the creativeness which we all have in us 
So today is just a thank you to everyone 

Crazy and madness I am in person 
Love life and love to dance 
Love myself truly sometimes I have to stop it
It can lead to all kind of crazy 
I smile a lot even to myself 
I have come a long way to be sad 
For the world is temporary and not my home 
I only have one life so I make the most of it

It was one day looking in the miracle 
I distinctly felt the urge to smile at myself
crazy right, but it felt right 
I saw a different me and I felt the joy of seeing the smile 
And I have not stopped smiling 
It years of smiling for it brings joy to others 
The heart wants what the heart wants 
The joy of Lord is my strength 
Blessed be the Lord God
Who is always faithful
Who has helped me in this journey

Last year, I decided to do something crazy
Crazy than normal, well unusual
When I started, I had no idea what I was doing
I still don't just going with the flow from the heart
A big shout out to
A friend of mine Priya, she did the groundwork she said Yes
So she literally did all the work, she was my cheerleader
She taught I will be good at it and convinced me
All I did was found a name and we started the journey
Another thank you to Niketa who read the work at the beginning
She read and we chatted about it, encouraging me

And so this started and here I am on a this journey
A journey that I have loved and still do
I have found my passion and love of the Lord
Well it has grown and changed in ways that I never taught it will
The Lord has been my Salvation
My strength and my motivation

In this journey I have met other bloggers
Who have inspired me and also motivated me to write, thank you
Given me a chance to showcase my God given potential
So yesterday was a year and still think it is crazy of me
God bless you all
And Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Happy Independent day - Sierra Leone (Salone)
Capital City Freetown - the land of free slaves
Yesterday we celebrated independence from the UK  27 April 1961
Sixty years ago, freedown was given 

One of the things I love about Sierra Leone 
Is the people are always happy and smiley 
Regardless of what is happening around them 
We are all crazy people but I do love it

If you ever go to Sierra Leone be warned 
We have two seasons rainy and dry season
May to November is raining season
In the month of August avoid it 
Seven days of rain continuously without fail 
No one knows when 
But any other month it is lovely to visit 
And our dry season is December to May 
I do miss it, 2019 was the last time I visited
Can't wait because all the food are organic 
The goat is killed and cooked in front of you 
Well not killed in front of your eyes 
But you see them going to the back to do it 
You have chicken in the garden

It is a beautiful country is all I can say 
The land of freedom 
The beach is white sand 
The mountains are called Lion mountains
The food is fresh 
Lord God I thank You for Sierra Leone