Walking into the unknown

I know that whatever God does, It shall be forever 
Nothing can be added to it 
And nothing taken from it.
God does it, that men should fear before Him

Ecclesiastes 3:14 NKJV
Southwark Park, London

Life in the Unknown world continues.. as we meet a new character Cassa. Welcome to the world of walking into unknown places and life in general.

The story continues…

If we go in now then we will not accomplish the task that needs to be done. 

As they moved behind the house, there was a tree looking into the house. Athan linked his fingers together and Cassa rose and placed a foot in his hands. Stepping up, she climbed and peered over the window ledge and into the room beyond.

Sitting behind the desk was Fulrose, Nwe sitting on the bed speaking without hearing. Watching them in silence, and moving back down. It is pointless, I can’t hear or see the lips to know what they are speaking about. I say we get in now and get it over with, said Cassa. 

Athan shook her head. They are quick study and very observant. Fulrose has the sword and it knows me. Also Nwe is attached to me and will pick me up from a mile. I had to camouflage and stay five miles away, and I could tell she was looking around and alert but could not see me. 

What do you suggest we do? Cassa looked around. The others have disappeared and it will take two weeks to find and gather them together. 

That is exactly why we need a distraction and a way to get them out of the house. I need to know how to break this unfortunate bond between her and me, and get the sword in the process. 

Fulrose yawned, they had dinner already but something was off as she looked at Nwe. Did you sense that we were being watched? Don’t look around or make any movements. 

Yes, said Nwe. he is close by and he is company with him. I am beginning to wonder why not attack now that we are vulnerable and would not want to draw any attention to ourselves. Do you think we need to move? 

Looking at the side of the window and it was dark and could just about see the figure going down the trees. Shifting she stretched her legs as she rubbed one leg and moved to the other.

© Hannah M Vandi

Thanks so much for stopping by.

I seem to like the short story in the moment 🙂

This is a journal of imaginative mind, fiction and also not much editing letting the words flow. Come back next week to see what happens. For as humans we need to be creative, use imagination and be the best version of ourself. Just like our Father wants us to be.

Who knows the mind of a human, only God!

I do love the Lord and I love that you took the time to read my blog. Bless you.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

All pictures are mine, with a touch of editing app adding

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