'Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? '

Matthew 6:25
Do not worry about anything 
Your life, what you will eat or what you will drink  
I thank my God everyday
In all my prayers, that the Joy of the Lord will always be our strength

Our Father knows what we want and gives before we even ask.
As a result, it has become clear that we should not worry,
Why worry? It is always easier said than done
But the strength is not my own

It is true that we sometimes worry 
But it never brings any results 
So I sit and reflect on the words of the Lord
As the He walks in the cool of the day

In the beginning 
Where Adam and Eve hide themselves
But our God is so compassionate and sees 
The Father that knows exactly what they had done

He gives us chances and will never ever give up 
Where are you?
So this theme is stuck in my head this week.
Where can I hide?

If I run to the heavens, You are there 
If I hide under my bed, You are there
If I run to the pit, You are there

Because You are the Father that cares
Giving us chances to repent and forgive 

I had my first vaccine, Astrazeneca, 
on Saturday, at 8:15 am. 
It was a nice walk in the morning from my house to the centre
It is not scary, I don’t like needles and it was painless

And I refused to listen to fears and focus on God
I said to myself, I will guard my heart and my ways 
Lest I sin with my tongue

Surely everyone walks about like a shadow
Surely they busy themselves in vain
Surely every man is a vapor

Yes surely I have been told I look at the shadows
I don’t look, but I see it and know I have the light
Shadows are there only when there is light 

With light we have shadows and 
With no light darkness covers the earth
But who do we focus 

Nothing happen, after taking the vaccine. thank God
I took paracetamol before the vaccine 
So I was happy that I had no side effect 

And on Sunday, taught to my myself 
I will pamper myself before church 
After having a nice hot bath

All of a sudden a panic
Mind you I was in a hot bath, but the feeling was different 
In the midst of this, my forehead was heating up 

It was dripping with sweat 
My mind was racing
I stopped to think and also 
push away the negative thought bubbling up

Like a balloon been blown up 
No, no I did not want this balloon to explode
I started to Pray

In all this busyness and distraction 
was a little nudge to sit
Which could have been missed

So I listened and sat down
Very quiet, focused and relaxed  
My breathing was calming down

The room was quiet 
The mind was quiet
For once it was silent everywhere

But all that dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadows of the Almighty
So I said to my Lord, He is my refuge and strength 

He is my healer, my God in Him I trust.
As I relax on the sofa 
He covered me with His feathers 

Under His wings I was refreshed 
His truth was my shield and buckler

I was not afraid of the terror 
Nor the thoughts that wanted to over take me 
I was calmed and relaxed 

The blanket of the Lord was over me and 
I was alive again, all panic and fever that was inflated 
The air in balloon was open and it deflated slowly

As I relax in the shadows 
I knew then what it means not to worry 

Our Father who art in Heaven
Let Your will be done 
Through Christ Jesus who strengthen us

God is good and loves us so much 
He looks for us, knowing what we have done
He sent His son to pay the sins that we should have paid for 

So, where are you? 
No need hiding because He knows what we have done

He chooses us before the creation of the world
He sees us and came to rescue everyone
This is very much good news

I pray that this weekend and everyday
you experience the blanket of God
A Fathers love is very precious 
For this love brings live into us
In Christ Jesus

By Grace we have been saved through Faith
It is a gift of God, and no one can boast 
For we are all His workmanship
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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