Friend-we all need one

As reflect on what a friend is. This is inspired by RDP- Sunday-Friend

Old photo of mine that bring memories: 2015 Holiday in Fetya, Turkey
What is a friend?
Be a friend you want as a friend
Show the kindness and generosity 

A friend is born in adversity 
A friend is true to themselves 
A friend speaks truth in love 

Two are better than one 
Because we get a better reward going on holiday together
We laugh to remind each other what not say

For when we fall and in need of a hug
We lift each other up 
We keep each other from falling into the hole of despair 

And three are more fun in the park 
As the laughter echoes 
It becomes a party

A party to dance 
The dance of life is good with someone
Yes having a friend is more than a brother or sister

It also tests the patience of our hearts 
It shows me how to be kind
It shows me that we are only human and mistakes do happen

But knowing You, friend is worth the dance of life
You are a good ear that listens 
An inspiration when needed 

This is only possible because of a friend we have in common

One friend that makes us who we are today 
One friend that makes us listen to each other
One friend that heals our wounds 
One friend that binds the bonds between us

Without this friend, I am sure you will have killed me 
Without this friend, we might not speak to each other ever 
Without this friend, I will not know what forgiveness is 
Without this friend, I truly will not have know the meaning of Love

Our friend together as one 
He choose both of us 
He gave us a second chance

And now I always smile when you do silly things 
And I am free to correct you and not to kill you
And to be kind when all you need a listening ear

Thanks be to our faithful Friend
Whose name is above all other names 
His Name is no other than JESUS

Glory to God for giving me a Friend like Jesus
Glory to God for givving me a friend like you

Thank you for reading 
Be blessed, smile, you are also a friend.
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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