'Who can separate us from the love of Christ? 
Can affliction or distress or persecution 
or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? '

Romans 8:35 CSB
What indeed can separate us from the love of Christ 
Not even my own mind

God’s Love for us is indescribable 

It is a very short ten minute writing. 
I have been out in the world and 
it means a lot that you stopped by and 
I pray that you receive the Love of God in Christ Jesus. 

Life in the Unknown world continues… Welcome to the world of walking into unknown places and life is no different. Yet we seem to be surprised at what lies ahead.

What is happening now has happened before.

Nothing is new under the sun.

The story continues…

Nwe settled in, this space was not what they wanted but will do for now. 

Fulrose regarded her, giving her some space. She clearly wanted to say something, after the errors and what happened in the cave. She was in no mood for another lecture. This should never have happen, if—-

Spare me the lecture, she interrupted. You obviously don’t know anything about magic and we are both learning. 

She felt anger flare up at the interruption and arrogant tone then bit back a curse as she turned to face her.

Don’t you… taking a step forward, she reached out and looked at her. It is a dangerous risk and this could have gone the other way. Both of us could be locked away or better yet killed. 

We need to be careful and walk with intentions and due diligence.

Take a look at the sword and tell me what you see.

Nwe felt a chill run down her spine as she got close and her eyes slowly adjusted to the view. Her stomach clenched, magic seems to have this effect on her. A woman, a young woman should not be able to create the swords with bronze. It was unnatural. 

As they both dropped to the knees, and looked closely as Cassa moved about with ease at creating the sword. Incredible as she ran her hands under it.

© Hannah M Vandi

Thanks so much for stopping by.

I seem to like the short story in the moment 🙂

This is a journal of imaginative mind, fiction and also not much editing letting the words flow. Come back next week to see what happens. For as humans we need to be creative, use imagination and be the best version of ourself. Just like our Father wants us to be.

Who knows the mind of a human, only God!

I do love the Lord and I love that you took the time to read my blog. Bless you.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

All pictures are mine, with a touch of editing app adding