'I will be your God throughout your lifetime— until your hair is white with age. 
I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.'

Isaiah 46:4 NLT
Sandown North, Isle of Wight
What a week? 
My mind was in turmoil 
My heart was joyful and beating fast
It has been a long time since I danced to the music 
I had gone comfortable 

Where is this going? 

See, I have a spot for the Itailians
So as I watched them play and win and now in the final
My heart beats  
I also like England and they have won too and now in the final
Oh dear, my heart is joyful and can’t stop smiling
But who wins, I would love England to win 
One can only be hopeful
So the heart wants what it wants 
Yes I am talking about football 
I love it, learned from my papa when I was five
One rule, no talking when the game is playing! 


The mind was in arrays as the heart was joyful
The mind was going round in circles and could not 
Stay in the lane but looking at all the directions
At the crossroads that leads to different directions 
Only one leads to the right path

Oh, how hard can this be 
For I have indulge my flesh for so long that 
The desires are motivating the mind
Unholy thoughts that could only lead to death
For all that pursue things that gratify the flesh 
Can only have one fate 

In the midst of all these thoughts 
A little word of encouragement 
Small steps are better than none
The more you feed the flesh the bigger it gets 
Starve it and the spirit grows 
But how can I, weak and could not look away

Lean not on own understanding
Trust in me 
For I will be your God throughout your lifetime
Until your hair is white with age. 
I made you, and I will care for you
I will carry you along and save you

The promises of our God is more than 
I can hope or imagine
Every turn into the darkness 
Your light shines and reminds me 
I am not alone 

My Lord and Saviour 
It is in You that the day goes with light 
In the path of darkness 
The sun shines listening to Your words
The rain comes with Your blessings 
Knowing You means I never have chains 
around me or locked in a prison of my mind
Because every day 
The light gets brighter and bigger 
with the darkness getting smaller
So I see the chains are broken and I never 
have to sit in any prison but work with You 
Giving testimonies to help others 

So as I swirl around and let my heart 
Know that we walk by faith not sight 
The flesh surrenders to the Spirit slowly 
We come to do the will of the Father 
In Your Name 
To make God’s will the centre of my life
Oh what joy to have Grace every morning

Father, thank You that I can hear Your voice
And that You have chosen me
And no matter where I am
I will hear and follow your voice only 
Lord Jesus lead the way and I will follow
For I am truly free 
And I plan to stay free 
Even when I get tired I know my hope is in You
For the chains are broken
So I walk in Love not the Law
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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