Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ

Galatians 6:2

Life in the Unknown world continues… Welcome to the world of walking into unknown places and life is no different. Yet we seem to be surprised at what lies ahead.

What is happening now has happened before.

Nothing is new under the sun.

The story continues…

To the beginning they went, landing into the home town of Athan, not knowing what to expect but as they crawled to the back of the house, both Nwe and Fulrose stood in awe of the place. Such beauty around. 

No intention of getting found, Fulrose climbed the tree to the top looking at the houses. She was distracted by the mangos around her and picked some, almost hitting the head of Nwe and forgetting the purpose of why they came. 

They need to be fast, before he finds a way to this place. This was the best shot of bringing him down. 

Cassa had led them to this place, reluctant at first and having nothing to do with any schemes or plans they had. 

Are you here to kill me? Said Cassa

She had looked frightened and yet stared back at both unflinching. Fulrose had looked away.

No we are not here to kill you…. But still can Nwe told Cassa. 

That is not how you negotiate with someone, said the voice of Fulrose in the mind connection. Well I believe she needs to choose now and we will be on our way. Not like that, you never get a word out of me if you spoke that way. 

Well why don’t you try then. 

Cassa watched and knew they were having a conversation that involved her and wanted no part in it. Looking at the daggers and calculating the formulas was tasking enough. Precision was the key, to making it real and yet not too effective. Also knowing Athan, and no doubt will be looking to test on one of his men and that needs to be successful. The dagger needs to be alive for him in the next two weeks and after it can diminish with time and she will be long gone. 

The fire burned brightly as the dagger reflected the bright orange flame. It has been a long day before they came. Cassia sighed at the ache of the arms, the numbing sensation that it might not work and … never touch my shoulder. She had forgotten all about them, as she almost stabbed Folrose, the smaller of the two, right on the forehead. 

She stepped back as if nothing had happened. 

Fulrose continued, we would like your help and promise to set you free. 

Now this lightened the eyes of Cassa, she had dreamed of walking free from all these but can she hope to be? Can she run and be what she wants? What are the possibilities of that happening?

Looking back at the fire and getting to work, she felt a little bit of spark as air entered the bronze creating an air to the dagger giving it the power to take the life off anyone stabbed with it. Smiling at this new discovery, this was getting to be very dangerous and they will have a fight in their hands.  

What seems like a long time, both stood looking at the back of her as she continued her task, and what do you want me to do? 

The words were a whisper and something in the dagger she held was the key to walking out. This was hers to keep and needed to make another for her master. This will be what she needs as she got lost in taught 

The sword was drawn and burnt her hand bringing her back to the situation. Clever!

Sorry we didn’t want another episode again so this is an alternative to getting your attention.

Yes, very clever indeed but she wanted them out before Athan came and killed her for talking to the enemy.

We want to know where this started and this will be how we can defeat him. As they both stepped closer on each side. 

What? Surprised at the question, as the dagger dripped cold still, getting the hammer, and also picked up the red jewelled gem she had found in the mines. This contains numbing gel as it melts into the dagger giving it the pale crescent moon look that shines like a claw in the night sky.  With that placed in the cold water to solidify the two together. 

She moved and got the other dagger and started on Athan’s dagger, with time she can replicate it quickly without the numbing gel.

He had given a red gem and not knowing what it contains and what it does but to be on the dagger. 

No longer angry or surprised at the ladies, they were patient and waiting. 

She nodded. Getting the map from the shelves this is where he is from and you can get to it from the room two blocks down the hall. Your sword knows how and can lead you to it. 

Thank you, as they both picked the map and walked out of the room. They had wasted a lot of time and needed to be out of here before Athan gets back. 

to be continued… previous story click here:

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