'Jesus said to them, 
“My food is to do the will of him who sent me, 
and to accomplish his work. '

John 4:34 WEB
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Life in the Unknown world continues… Welcome to the world of walking into unknown places and life is no different. Yet we seem to be surprised at what lies ahead.

What is happening now has happened before.

Nothing is new under the sun.

The story continues…

Standing and looking at Athen, Cassa was troubled at the sight of the place and he was clearly looking for the thing that could be damaging to him. 

Why are we here? Better yet, why am I here? 

Athen turned to look at her, surprised that she had broken the silence. He watched her a while and went back to looking. He needed the totem he had carried with him for generations and now this could destroy his future. 

I still can’t tell you the reason but I understand why you want to leave and put distance between us. You have seen nothing but death and darkness and the time has come that the darkness might engulf you and you never see light again. He looked at her. I cannot guarantee anything.

She nodded.

When did you change your mind from us to you?

She felt a pang of guilt. About four months ago… Amiya asked me to come with her into the new city she was going to build. I didn’t want to go at the time but I thought I would learn how to use magic to create better weapons. She took me to mastery marksman who taught me in creating the gems into poisons to attack the artery straight to the heart within a second. 


He frowned, ‘go on’

Well you killed her and the plan failed and here we are. So what am I doing at this god forsaken dumpster?

Over the years I have acquired different skills and this totem contains the lives that matter to me. If anyone gets a hold of it. 

But… How could you do such things? Athen

It was not an easy choice at the time. I knew it was terrible and a great risk. I would be destroyed and probably die anyway. I chose this at the time and it is great evil. She didn’t want to be around when the girls arrive.

So all the lives are in the totem? 

No, they are not… 

He is right, it contains his last life on this planet and once it is broken he can actually die. Said Fulrose as she entered the room. It will be a fair fight between us and him. 

Athen snorted at Fulrose’s comment. ‘You lie well’ 

Do we? Should we break it right now and test it out? As Nwe entered with what looks like a brown wooden bear totem. 

Not sure what it does anyway? 

Cassa looked at Athen and could tell that this was not good. He looked pale and he is on his own. 

Thanks Cassa, as Nwe handed her the totem. She had given them the clue as this was what Amiya was going to do before he killed her. With guilt, she moved to other side of the room giving no eye contact.

What was it that motivated you to kill all my friends with such devotion? Cassa asked

Me devoted? He almost laughed out loud. Well you think you have it all figured out. Why don’t you tell me what motivated me? 

Suddenly she was afraid, looking at the totem that doesn’t belong to this world. What if this was something more? What if she met his gaze and he compelled her to do something she didn’t want to do. 

A murmuring from the other two saved her. She looked at them and could gain the strength to put it away.

to be continued… previous story click here:

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