' Do you not know? Do you not hear? 
Has it not been told to you since the very beginning? 
Have you not understood from the time the earth’s foundations were made? 
He is the one who sits on the earth’s horizon; its inhabitants are like grasshoppers before him. 
He is the one who stretches out the sky like a thin curtain, and spreads it out like a pitched tent. 
He is the one who reduces rulers to nothing; he makes the earth’s leaders insignificant. 

“To whom can you compare me? Whom do I resemble?” says the Holy One. 
Look up at the sky! Who created all these heavenly lights? 
He is the one who leads out their ranks; he calls them all by name. 
Because of his absolute power and awesome strength, not one of them is missing.'

Isaiah 40:21-23,25-26

Yes the Lord is Incomparable to anything we can imagine
Take time to look around and give God glory 
No one can ever compare to our God
to Father and Saviour of our Lord Jesus

I thank my God that He took time to create us 
He took time to renew our minds 
He took time to give us a new life
Above all we have an ethernal life 
In Christ Jesus
He is good

Life in the Unknown world continues… Welcome to the world of walking into unknown places and life is no different. Yet we seem to be surprised at what lies ahead.

What is happening now has happened before.

Nothing is new under the sun.

The story continues…

Cassa’s stomach clenched with anxiety as she watched the totem move towards Athan slowly. She glanced at Nwe and Folrose in an effort to draw attention but only she can see the movement and the battle going on between herself and the totem. 

She directed all her attention to the totem moving it in a sixty degree angle. Athan eyed her, and her effort to move it further towards herself. 

Don’t you dare try anything, she taught as she looked at him. I might not have any experience or an assistant but I can assure you that I am a quick learner and willing to do anything. And I cannot lose this to you right now.

After the winding of  the waves from one angle to another, the tide turns suddenly as it moves into her hands. With relief as she clutched hold moving slowly to the others. As Athen disappeared into the darkness leaving them bewildered at the turn of events.

In an attempt to follow, Nwe disappeared into the darkness followed by Folrose. As they got close to the darkness and it swallowed him. 

Do you know where he is gone? Asked Folrose. 

I can only guess the underground we are building together. Did you see that totem was fighting to return to the owner? As Cassa whispered. I bet we can find him by allowing it to lead us to him.

That will be dangerous and also a trap as Nwe took hold of the totem. Anything belonging to him is not to be trusted. 

Well what do you suggest? We wait until he comes back?

Cassa shrugged, he is not coming back and I get the feeling that we are not going to have it easy either or like it whatever he gets up to. Now before we head out in search of him, I suggest we all take a rest and prepare for tomorrow. We will need all the strength. 

As she strode back to the place they came from, grabbing the totem, Nwe watched her closely. There was sureness in her stride and she also shows no signs of fear or anxiety seen earlier. 

Cassa collapsed on the sofa at the very end of the room overlooking the windows. She needs to regroup in her mind, the recent movement of energy to have control of the totem has taxed her and left her drained. Nwe sat next to her and as Folrose looked around the room. 

With her eyes closed, taken into another realm. As Amiya appeared, you have to leave right now. A striked flashed as she got closer and a shield was raised up. What is this? 

An ambush, as Nwe stepped out of the shadows. Cassa turned around full circle seeing the shield surrounding them.

See I knew you will try to come in the shadows of her mind. As the images shifted from Amiya to Athen and back again. 

Athen! The images stopped changing and she stared in horror at the error she could have made a minute ago. 

to be continued… previous story click here:

© Hannah M Vandi

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