' “A new command I give you: 
Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 
By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” '

John 13:34-35
Ecological Park
Everyday is a new day to be a blessing 
This week like any other week 
The amazing Grace of God shines brightly 

The eyes sees 
The heart knows
The soul is silent and 
The mouth could not speak

Words can be dangerous 
So it is better we speak life or 
Don't speak at all for what is man without God

I am very joyful today 
My brother and his wife had a little girl yesterday
She is so cute and tiny and healthy 
Praise the Lord

My walk, I walked with the Lord down 
John chapter 13 and this morning 14
Do not let your heart be troubled 
Believe in me as you believe in the Father
As I read and meditate 

The path I take 
You cannot come
I go because I want to
I go to prepare a place 
I will come again to receive you

The words I AM 
He is the one that prepares a place for us
As He is also the one that prepares us for the place

Heaven is where I will be and be 
Rest assured that I will come again 

I give you a new commandment 
Little children 
A new commandment 
It is not a to do list
Love, yes love your neighbours as yourself 
This is special and yet not different 
Be there for one another 
Have a special place in your hearts 
for your brothers and sisters in the Lord
As I LOVE you 
Then the world will know you are mine
Show your love to your neighbour as you love yourself 
Never forget the most important of all is to LOVE the Lord your GOD
With all your HEART and mind and soul

The journey is long 
The walk of life is NOT easy 
Joy always come in the morning

So DO NOT let your heart be troubled 
TRUST in the Lord your GOD

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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