He who receives you receives Me,
and he who receives Me 
receives Him who sent Me

Matthew 10:40
Whoever calls on the name of the Lord 
Shall be saved
Whoever believes in His name 
shall not be put to shame

So my journey with the Gospel of John continues 
As I hide in the shadows of the Lord
I am invited by the Lord to come
Jesus always invite His disciples

Come and see 
Come and learn
Come and rest 
Come and dine
Come and inherit 

Yes the Lord calls us to come and taste that he Lord is good 
In His presence we find freedom 
In His presence we gain the benefits 
Oh yes, come and taste that the Lord is good 

As I looked at Simon Peter 
What must he had felt as he sat and ate by the fire with the Lord 
Guilt as he dragged the net of 153 fish by himself
Tears as he eats the bread and fish 
Trying to make up for what had happened

But I have come learn that 

He knows my name 
He calls me by my name 
For a relationship is more important to the Lord
He is my provider 
He shows up in my everyday 

Are you willing to give up everything for me?
Says the Lord

Lord, You know my heart and every taught 
Search my heart Lord,
Test me and see if there is any offensive way in me
And lead me in the right path 
So I will glorify Your Name

Yes let us come into His presence 
For the Lord restores our soul 
As we look up, he cleanses our heart
As we look up, we see the world in His eyes 

Blessed be the Name of the Lord 
Let God arise 
Let His enemies be scattered
Let those also who hate Him flee before Him
As smoke is driven away 
Blessed be God!
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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In a journey of what to look for in the world! My studies are inspired from "The Bible", and different commentaries that inspires me - "Bible project", Spurgeon, enduringword.com and podcast that I listen to and also different blogs. I am so blessed by all these people of God and I thank God for technology and books.