Continue to believe God’s true message. 
Be like someone who fights well to keep it safe. 
God has chosen you to live with Him forever. 
You stood in front of many people and said clearly 
that you believed in Jesus Christ. 
So live in a way that shows that 
you belong to Him

1 Timothy 6:12 EASY 
Live in a way that shows you believe 
Live life with no regrets 
Live among people 
By living for God
Be the salt and light 
Walk in faith and not sight 

Oh the mercy of God is endless 
God is faithful…
Always even when we are not faithful 
For He cannot deny Himself

This week started with some of my friends and I taking a trip to the Horse Guard Parade to watch the funeral procession of HM Queen Elizabeth on Monday. 

Life is like a war boat that is moving
And one must be prepared
For the waves will come crashing 
When you least expect it 

So one must be ready at all times 
Not forgetting the Helmet of Salvation 
Always holding to that sword of truth 
For the lies never stop 

So one must hold on to the shield of faith 
And never be afraid, but be sober and alert 
For the Lord our God is our exceedingly 
great reward

As I look at Paul sitting writing his letter to the Corinth in response to what he read. And this week was about Live as you are called I am reminded and inspired by 1 Corinthians 7 verse 17 

One has come to love the upside down kingdom or the right side up kingdom.

Life, oh life is a series of puzzles 
Coming together to make a beautiful picture 
It is meant to be enjoyed and live for Christ 
The Joy for living in the Lord should radiate in every area of our lives 

So much beauty in the Lord 
We must stop and admire the beauty of our God 
When we see the flowers, the beauty of another human being 
That is work of the Lord our God

Who has called us, 
He has chosen us and distributed us
in the place we are in right now
Where we find ourself

It is not a coincidence 
No matter if you are single, married, divorce, 
widowed, remarried or whatever your status is 
God can work in your life

That is the truth of life 
One must get rid of the lies!
Never discount the work you do 
Never think that your status needs to change first 

before God can work in you
Never think you need to be perfect for God to work in your life
Work for the Lord right now where you are 
We are not jars on a shelf stacked away until ready

No! That is not our God
Five loaves and two fishes did feed the multitude
A faith that can step out of the boat 
So let us walk in the Lord

Let us be a child for we are His children 
Let us be on fire for Jesus
No matter what our status is 
Don’t let the fire die out 

Fuel it daily - by prayer and supplications 
let your request be made to God
Feed on His word 
Walk in His footsteps 

Be silent in His presence 
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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Happy Friday!
Have a wonderful day and weekend.
Hope to see you soon 
Be blessed

All pictures are taken by moi and some modify with the help of technology, I mean apps 🙂