'Nevertheless, woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman. 
For as the woman originates from the man, so also man is born through the woman; 
and all things [whether male or female] originate from God [as their Creator]. ' 

1 Corinthians 11:11-12 AMP

Happy Friday, Hope your week was good!

Today I am inspired by Paul’s letter to Corinthians – specifically 1 Corinthians 11

In the Lord I will put my trust
How can you say to my soul 
“Flee as a bird to your mountain”
“Flee and do as you will”

For look! The wicked do as they please
They bend their bow 
And make the arrows on the strings
They dance till the end of the night secretly 

If the foundations are destroyed 
What can the righteous do?
In the Lord my God I will put my trust 
For the Lord is Holy and lives in His Holy temple 

And so I came back from Dubai, jet lagged and I listened to some songs, watching the world cup and continuing with Corinthians. What challenging words from our Lord?

When I sit and study and listen it does challenge me, and also offends my soul. 

You know what, where else can I go 
Who else will I follow if not You Lord
Who gives me the bread of life
Who quenches my thirst and show me what it means to truly live
It is pure love that I cannot walk blindly 
But Your truth sets me free 
And Your truth gives me room to be myself 
Your truth gives me the freedom   

For the Lord is righteous
He loves righteousness
He is looking on us for our good
He wants to bless us
He wants to protect us
And above all else God accepts us

And so I sit and reflect on His words, the Book Corithians is no different to how we are today. Imagine that 

The stage is set and we are the actors and actress 

Which director do we listen to, now that is up to us.  So many directors but only One can lead us in the right path. His Name is Jesus our Master and Friend

God choose us as humans 
To display His glory and not the angels 
The Holy Spirit came to the world to direct us humans 
It is a privilege to know the Lord and walk with Him 
We have confidence to speak the Gospel because of 
Christ who changed our way of life 
He gave us beauty instead of ashes 
He sat with us and spoke life into ours 
He gave us a choice

I Corinthians 11:7 – as I reflect and listen to different commentary 

The roles of men and women are now rejected by the world. It is more of men who are like women and women who like men – that is what we are so focus on

This role change points me to the time when Jesus spoke “Matthew 5:43 – You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy’”

This is about what we hear, is it truth does it align with the gospel. Does it make sense?

We hear so many things these days 

But failure to abide by the authority of God is a sin 

'Disobedience is as bad as the sin of sorcery. 
Pride is as bad as the sin of worshipping idols. 
You have rejected the Lord’ s command. 
Now he rejects you as king.”'
1 Samuel 15:23 NCV

The kingdom of God has authority, Saul was rejected because of Disobedience and Pride which are both sin against GOD. Rebellion is a sin of witchcraft – it all part of the devil’s schemes 

Rebellion is part of the Devil 
Listening to rebellious behaviour is listening to him 
Satan rebelled against God 
Rebellion is a sin against God
Do not give the devil a footstool 
If you do he comes in 
Nevertheless - be that it may 
Whatever you think, this is not about lording over anyone 
For God is the head over all 
All men needs women and all women needs men 
We cohabit in this world 
We have partnership 
God made us both together 
That is wonderful news 

Why reject the creation order? 

Any man that rules in his home or the church without love is going against the grain of God and not the will of God
The truth of the matter is 
A man who rules with his fists and stamping of feet 
For his sake and the world, it is better that he remain single

But a man that governs his house with love through sacrificially submission to the Lord 
well is the man that will be the perfect husband 

Likewise a woman who cannot submit to any authority has better stay single
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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