'This Jesus is ‘the stone that you, the builders, have rejected, and now he has become the cornerstone!’ There is no one else who has the power to save us, for there is only one name to whom God has given authority by which we must experience salvation: the name of Jesus .”'

Acts 4:11-12 TPT 

Welcome and hope you had a good weekend. On the weekend, I thank God for another year added to me. 

Got cards from friends and family. As I read through the cards, “Good Friends are like buttons – they hold everything together” Life is a blessing from God. Not alone but with friends and family. 

Alone is wonderful but together with others is amazing and magical.

Let the magic from God ignites your heart this week 

And venture into something different 

Dream dreams and smile  

For the Lord is good and His mercy endures for ever 

Saturday morning I went for my run and unintentionally did more than I intended. Yes, one of my friends I spoke to said very wise words after, you could have got the bus or train back. Now, now…. What is the fun in that? Sometimes in life we need to push and go outside our boundaries. 

It is fun to see how far the human body, mind can take us. No one can achieve good things in their comfort zone. 

One thing I am learning on these runs is pushing my body sensibly and also knowing when to walk and enjoy the surroundings as I recover and then go again so I don’t get comfortable at walking. 

Always try and do something once a week outside the box. The brain loves challenges and keeps it active. 

Drink plenty of water as it is good for you and your brain. 

Sunday, Pastor Chris taught in Book of John 3:1-15 – Nicodemus and Jesus – my takeaway: Embrace the spirit of asking questions (simple questions – if you taught about it, then so did others. Imagine that and know that no question is stupid to ask. When Nicodemus asked “How can someone be born when they are old”, surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born again! we got answers! Jesus answered him – see verse five to eight). 

And look to the Cross with your heart and let your mind focus on Jesus. 

Be curious and listen to understand.

For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son 
So that we can life and live it full on earth as it is in Heaven 
Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!
And His mercy endures forever.

Even when I am in distress 
The Lord answered me and has set me free 
The Lord my God is on my side
I will not fear

What can the enemy do to me?
The Lord our God is among those who help me
He has proclaim liberty to the captives 
And open the prison to those who are bound

Death is swallowed up in victory 
Why should I fear?
O death, where is your sting!
O Hades where is your victory?

For the Lord my God will go before me
I will praise You
For You answered me 
And made me whole

My soul let us thanks to the 
Almighty God and King of our life
For He has anointed us 
Let us praise His Holy Name

Oh dear, look around. It is time for me to say goodbye but... hope to see you again.

Thank you again for stopping by it means a lot to me

Pray you have a wonderful week 🙂

May your week be full of The Joy of the Lord
I praise God for your life
May He teach you
His way as you walk in His foot path
In the Name of Jesus

We cannot control what happens around us, 
but we can control our responses.
Be bless and know that the Lord loves you
Lots of Love - Hannah

©Hannah M Vandi.

And I also pray that this verse refreshes you this week: 
I consider my life worth nothing to me; 
my only aim is to finish the race and 
complete the task the Lord Jesus has given 
me—the task of testifying to the 
good news of God’s grace. '
Acts 20:24 NIV

In a journey of what to look for in the world! All my Nutrion, Financial, Home and Exercise and also Living life are information only and not advice.

All pictures are mine taken on the phone or camera and some edited in app 🙂