The Story that lives forever!

Once upon a time!

Hey! Wait a minute

What is it? 

Are you telling a story…

Yes, that is what I was doing until… well you interrupted me

Well I can’t help it. You know life is full of interruptions. We start something and then our eyes wander and before we know it we are on a track we shouldn’t be on. 

Yes, but this story from the beginning was plan A, right through all turns and obstacles was meant to happen. 

In the beginning was The Word, 
and the Word was with God, 
and the Word was God

He was in the beginning with God
The earth did not know Him 
There was so much disarray
Yet He spoke and the earth was formed  
The darkness could not comprehend it

Come let us look at the story of our Lord, well only pin prick of it

There was complete darkness 
It is no wonder that in the cold and dark 
The light and warm is always welcoming
It is in Him we have life and light of the world 

It is story and forever told the greatest story of all 
We are chosen and let us not go back to the stronghold 
We must return to the Lord 
We are made to be like the sword of a mighty man
Then the Lord will be seen over the world 
And His arrow will go forth like lighting 
The Lord our God will defend us 

The story is that God is at the centre and nothing else 
The Lord Jesus came to the world not as a after taught 
The Lord Jesus came because He was part of the story 

He is the pure and Holy God 
Who is sitting on the throne 
And as His servant, we are created to serve Him
He will come again, the time will come! 
And no one knows 
For it is not our business to know, 
but to serve Him

Revelation 22:12-13:
' “Look, I am coming soon! 
My reward is with me, 
and I will give to each person 
according to what they have done. 
I am the Alpha and the Omega, 
the First and the Last, 
the Beginning and the End. '

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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Season’s Greeting!


Freetown, Sierra Leone
Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever
I walked into the Book of John 16 to be exact
It is so true for the disciples yesterday
It is so true for us today 
And it will be true for the others tommorrow
so let us listen to the voice of the Lord
and take heart for 

' “I have told you these things, 
so that in me you may have peace. 
In this world you will have trouble. 
But take heart! 
I have overcome the world.”'

John 16:33
We worship not on the current situation 
We worship for the greatest gift of all

JESUS - He is God with US
I look at the name 
You can never take the US out of JES
Jesus, He is God with us 
We are His people 

I have made so many mistakes 
I have wandered away from Him

Yet He choose us 
Yet His peace is with us 

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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All pictures are taken with my phone or camera and some edited with an app 🙂

Season’s Greeting!

Freetown, Sierra Leone

“Treasure Trove of Information”

'As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, 
and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, 
so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, 
so is my word that goes out from my mouth: 
It will not return to me empty, 
but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. '

Isaiah 55:10-11NIV

Hi and welcome to my vault :), hope you had a good weekend. It is always a pleasure that you stopped by: I love to just sit and listen and watch and read and let the cool breeze on my face or the heat from the sun. I must say it more like the ice cold wind on my face, freezing ears and hands. Welcome, smile!

December is a time to remember not only the past but the hope that we have for the future. 

Come let us enter the vault for it is cold, don’t know about you but let’s get in and get warm. I think I might have a blankie here somewhere, we need it. Maybe a coffee or tea or hot water will do us good. Will get the little fire started… and put the kettle on it… what do you think?

This weekend was getting to know who God is. Right! Nothing can ever measure or no words can ever do justice of it! We can only try.

As the Advent of Christmas is out and Christmas stories are everywhere. I find that just entering into the presence of God should always be awe and wonder

And never be rushed and have to walk away. He is the Master of Time and should be first in everything…

Sunday was a perfect day as the service was about GOD 

I mean it always about GOD but this was 

Who God is? 

It is easy to become familiar with our Lord and casually walk into the room which by the way He totally doesn’t mind but are you dress the part 

The Parable of the wedding Feast, comes to mind : Matthew 22:1-14. Have a read through it and I pray the Holy Spirit directs your path, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

' “But when the king came in to see the guests, 
he noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes. 
He asked, 
‘How did you get in here without wedding clothes, friend?’ 
The man was speechless. '

Matthew 22:11-12

God is not man that you can lie to Him
He sees the heart 
Marvelous are His works

He is the Omnipresence God 

There is no one like our God 
There will never be anyone like Him
You Lord my God has chosen me 
You have laid Your Hands upon me
You have shown me things that are too wonderful for me 
It is high, I cannot attain it

Where can I go from His Spirit?
Or where can we flee from His presence?
If I ascend to the Heavens, He is there 
If I make my bed in depths of Hell, He is there

God is so good, my friend! 
Let us not hardened our hearts to His voice 

It is good to recognise our Lord and Saviour 
For all things were made through Him, and without 
Him nothing was made that was made
In Him we have life and life was the light of men
And the light shines in the darkness 
And the darkness did not comprehend it 

How good is our God that He washes our feet even knowing that will betray Him or deny Him or too busy to make time for Him 

There is no one that compares to our Lord

See this December 
Recognise Him in awe and wonder
Talk about your First Love

The wind blows where it wishes 
You hear the sound of it 
But cannot tell where it comes from 
And where it is going
But you know it is there

God is omnipresence 
He is everywhere 
Oh dear, look around. It is time for me to say goodbye but... hope to see you again.

Thank you again for stopping by it means a lot to me

Pray you have a wonderful week 🙂

May your week be full of The Joy of the Lord
I praise God for your life
May He teach you
His way as you walk in His foot path
In the Name of Jesus

We cannot control what happens around us, 
but we can control our responses.
Be bless and know that the Lord loves you
Lots of Love - Hannah

©Hannah M Vandi.

And I also pray that this verse refreshes you this week: 
I consider my life worth nothing to me; 
my only aim is to finish the race and 
complete the task the Lord Jesus has given 
me—the task of testifying to the 
good news of God’s grace. '
Acts 20:24 NIV

In a journey of what to look for in the world! All my Nutrion, Financial and Exercise are information only and not advice.

All pictures are mine taken on the phone or camera and some edited in app 🙂

Good bye 2020: Perfect Vision ??

Set a guard, O Lord , over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.
Do not incline my heart to any evil thing, 
To practice wicked works With men who work iniquity; 
And do not let me eat of their delicacies. Psalms 141: 3-4 NKJV

Www p5K Day 29,30 

Father, thank You for 2020
The perfect vision to You God
As we start the New Year 2021
Let my mouth think before it speaks
For You have given me one mouth 
And two ears for a reason 
To speak less and listen more
Help me to accomplish Your purpose in my life
In Jesus’ name, amen

Wow the end of 2020 what a year it has been.

January: I had a vision: 20:20 perfect vision 
I had all these plans
Many are the plans in a man’s heart 
But it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails (Proverbs 19:21)

One of the thing that became very clear to me 
As the year draws to close
Did I achieve all the plans that I set out 
No, but it was good to plan

Yes, because an intelligent person aims at wise action
But a fool will always starts off in many direction
Having direction laid the plan of action 
It was a detour because life is never straight 
And no one goes from A to B in a straight line

Knowing where we are headed
Will allow us to stay on solid ground 
Trusting in God for He knows best
Enabling us to choose the most excellent way of all
Moving with the wind.

One of the highlights of 20:20
John 20:20, In John 20:19 Jesus says
Peace be with you
Jesus appeared in 20:20 of John’s gospel 
To the disciples showing His hands and His side 
Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord
Now this year, so many of us have gone closer to the Lord 

We have seen the Lord 
His sides, His hands, His Love, and His healing among many
As I recall 2020 the perfect vision 
We see the dark and light in 20:20 
We see the healing side and know that God is still in the healing business
We see that many died but they will never be forgotten

In this Year it took me back to Ruth and Boaz
As we start to see that this was serious 
and not going away any time soon
I see people helping the less able 
Taking food to the elderly 
Buying a simple milk or connecting them to the internet to have chats with others
Yes I see a lot of Ruths finding ways to help their loved ones 
And strangers. The Love of GOD was present in 20:20 
And Boaz looking out for the ones that are working to make ends meet
It was not a good year with lots of job cuts 
but we had a furlong scheme that helped a little 
and I think it better than nothing
Some lost their jobs
There was so many Ruth’s and Boaz around
Helping others get by
I want to say THANK YOU

This 2020, well Britain has left the EU
What next? Only God knows
We will have to face the consequences of our decision 
Like Saul was chosen and He failed 
Let us pray that this will end with
us NOT in exile for forty years

Questions were asked as the year comes to an end
I have learned so much about myself
To never be discouraged and never give up when I stumble
It takes a lifetime to build a Christ-like character
For as David served the purpose of God in his generation
So will I in my generation

Never give up on yourself for God has not, 
Remember you will be dead if He did
Why give the enemy a footstool?

2021, whatever your plan is.. 
Trust it to God for His plans endures forever and 
He only wants what good for those who love Him

My personal highlights is blogging
I want to say THANK You to everyone
May this year end with you having that vision for life in 2021
Have a wonderful year end and May God smile at you everyday 

However you spend it
Enjoy the year end and I will see you 
Next Year by God's Grace and 
It has been a pleasure to share my thoughts
Thank you everyone
You are awesome!

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Thank you for stopping by, it means a lot to me.

Have a wonderful day! Stay Bless and safe

All pictures are taken with my phone or camera and some edited with an app 🙂

Season’s Greeting!

A Joyful Christmas

“Look,” he said, 
“I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”
 Acts 7:56 NIV
Www p5K Day 24: Merry Christmas to all

For to us a Son is born and to us a Son is given
The GOOD NEWS that brings a smile to all
For GOD so LOVED the world 
That He gave us HIS ONE and ONLY SON

In wonder and amazement
Smiling, for it brings joy to me each time
Lost for words and all I can do 

GOD is worship You in Spirit and truth
I adore YOU for all the wondrous things You do
Let the world come and see that LORD is good
His mercy endures forever

As the wise men came and the FIRST response was to worship You 
I bow down and Surrender my all to You
I worship You in Spirit and in truth for You alone are Holy

The wise men not only bow and worship You but they gave gifts
Looking at the sky in awe
What must I give You, Lord for being so good to me?
I will surrender my crowns to You, and 

I will pray in Your name because You have saved me
I will walk before the Lord 
In the land of the living

You are worthy, O Lord
To receive glory and honour and power
For You created all things 
And by Your will they exist and were created

Worthy is the Lamb who came down to save us
To receive power and riches and wisdom
And strength and honour and glory and blessing!

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Thank you for stopping by, it means a lot to me.

Have a wonderful day! Stay Bless and safe

All pictures are taken with my phone or camera and some edited with an app 🙂

Season’s Greeting!