Learning to Live LIFE in Christ Jesus

'For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, 
the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all people. 
This has now been witnessed to at the proper time. '

1 Timothy 2:5-6 NIV

Happy Friday, Hope your week is good and enjoy the day. 

This is inspired by Paul’s letter to Timothy as I read Corinthians; it has branched into this chapter. 


Thank You Jesus 

For the price You paid for us 
It is enough to walk this earth 
It is such privilege to worship You
It is a honour to come before You

O Lord, my Lord Jesus 
You gave Yourself up for us 
You gave Your life up so I can have mine
You sent the Holy Spirit to strengthen us 

So we can let go of the bundles that doesn’t serve 
any purpose in the Kingdom of God

Even when I hold on to things that only weighs me down
You have been good to me
Even when You say let go 
And I don't, You have never forsaken me

For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, 
and loses his own soul
Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

There is nothing in this world that can redeem my soul 
There is only one who has redeem my soul, JESUS CHRIST 
Who gave himself up as a hostage 
For our sins, so we can be free 

He put himself up for ransom in my place
He took the wrath of God so I don’t have to 
He received the punishment from God the Father that I deserve 

So to whom shall we run to?
In trials and tribulations 
Who else can I turn to, if not You
Please don't leave me alone 
Without You my life is nothing but dust 
In You I have eternal life and something to look forward to 

Stay with me and I will have  joy 
Your presence is Joy to my bones 
Your presence makes me smile 
Lord Jesus I need You every hour 
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Thank you for stopping by 
It means a lot to me

Happy Friday!
Have a wonderful day and weekend.
Hope to see you soon 
Be blessed

All pictures are taken by moi and some modify with the help of technology, I mean apps 🙂

Back to School Tag

First a thank you to Matt for tagging me. He is a kind hearted and lovely man.

I have come to know Matt on Saturdays Bloggers chat when I can join. 

The British Museum

Here is how the tag works.

1- Choose any picture you like to represent school.

2- Please share a link back to the creator of Back to School Tag- jesusluvsall.org

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4- Answer the questions.

5- Tag whoever you like.

I grew up and went to school in Freetown, Sierra Leone 
and the memories of my school days comes crashing down
running and playing for no care in the world 

Here are the questions with my answers.

  1. What is a favorite memory for you from your school days?

I was a 100m and 200m runner and did both individual events as well as  4 X 100 meters and 4 X 200 meters. Sport days were the best days, practicing first thing before school and after school during the season. Loved running and it was always fun to win the races and get the prize. 

  1. What is a fun story from your school days?

Went to an all girls school, we walked home together laughing and screaming until we got home. It was fun walking for about thirty minutes. After school, walking home was fun.

Also we had all these boys who came to escort us home. That was fun.

  1. Who is a teacher you have fond memories of?

My physics teacher was very sweet and encouraging. He was young and most of the girls liked him. 

  1. What classes did you like as a child?

Maths was my favourite class. It involved not just reading but calculations and you needed to work the problem not a yes or no answer. No guess when it comes to Maths.

  1. What classes did you like as a university student?

I did Physics with Medical Applications, I liked the maths of it, Quantum Physics was interesting to learn, not sure if I remember much anymore.

  1. Is there a teacher who impacted your life?

My papa was a Physics and Maths Teacher (boys school)/Lecturer(FBC University)  and you can kind of guess why I chose those subjects. He also taught me at home, we got close that way as well as watching football together and going out for walks or a drive. I also helped mark the papers as I got older. After University when I made up my mind to do my own thing and not do Physics. He was a very supportive and my number one fan.

  1. Is there a teacher you did not like but now you do?

My Maths teacher in School had a different way of answering the questions. I was taught differently at home, I didn’t like it but I eventually learned both ways to get the same answer. He made me know what it is like to be humble. He was a good teacher and I like him now.

If they choose to participate, I would like to tag:

Ruth – of https://plantedbylivingwater.wordpress.com

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Thank you for stopping by.  
Have a wonderful day and a weekend 
God bless. 
For in the multitude of dreams 
and many words there is also vanity. 
But fear God. 
Ecclesiastes 5:7

The Sunshine and Rainbows Tag

Thank you Matt for tagging me in the sunshine & rainbows blog. You can find his blog on https://jesusluvsall.org

I love his gift of bringing people together and his life’s journey with Christ. You can read about his coffee adventures in the coffee shops and also he loves to always drink coffee. He loves to cook food in the microwave and he teaches about the Bible. He is a man with many pockets and he always has something in it. I am getting to know Him in our Saturday chats and reading through his blog. 

One more thing, he prefers the cold weather too 🙂

Not to forget, I can’t wait to see him in person. He is always telling me to get two dogs not even one 🙂

The sunshine & rainbows blog tag is an award created to show appreciation for bloggers who bring positivity and happiness into our lives!

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1. What are your favorite kinds of posts to write?

Poetry – I love to share my life journey about God through Christ Jesus and I have not even turned the page yet. Also love the fiction story and sharing the wisdom that I have been blessed with over the years. 

2. What is a post you’d love to write, but haven’t yet?

I make my own face cream. I had a reaction in 2018 and doctors could not find any answers or why it happened or any cure or tell me what was wrong. So I prayed and my church group prayed and I researched it, got all the natural ingredients. And made my own cream and my face is perfect now I don’t even wear makeup. Thanks be to God it was Miracle!

3. In what ways do you enjoy helping other people?

I listen a lot and respond when needed. I love to call my friends and hear them chat away and just listen to them and above all make smile.

4. What or who inspires you?

The Lord God inspires me, and people. I listen to podcast, in person, bloggers or youtube all inspire me. Even nature too, my pictures do inspire me as well.

5. What do you love to see on other people’s posts?

Life’s journey, and expressing it the way you are gifted to do it. Poetry, pictures or stories. Love it!

This is hard as I am new to blogging and I spend time jumping from one pond to another but the below are constant and I do believe you don’t have to respond. It is a thank you message for making my day with your amazing talents. Love reading your posts and they do inspire the writing I do. God bless and keep you, and may you always write from your heart. In Jesus name.

Daydreaming – I don’t think that is his name but I love that name daydreaming and I can relate to always daydreaming. It is unique and different poetry and love some of fiction stories and I just seem to like his poetry and happen to find it once and it brings a smile to my face. I must confess some are not for my eyes or ears but I do love to drop by once in a while and look through the window. It is completely different to what I will write but I do love his poetry. Thank you for making me smile. 

Sally: I have learned a lot of things from Sally. She brings to attention things that are happening in the world and I do love her pictures as well and her everyday life stories. Thank you, you are a GEM!

Dawn: short little reminder and scriptures to get you thinking through the day. Love it so much, thank you for your inspirational messages.

Caralyn: I needed to see your post, this is a little confession: because I was starting to go down the dark path when God led me to one your post and it stopped me in my tracks. It helped me see things differently and I am glad I read it that day because it truly made me put on my armour and have never looked back. I wanted to say thank you because your post that I truely came by as an accident was not. Also love your food recipes. Thank you for sharing your journey, and you do help so much. 

Christine: she always seem to have different prompts to share and she inspired me to start writing my random posts. Thank you.

Hazel Straub: Bible words of inspirational, and they are timely as well. Short and to the point, love that. Thank you.

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Thank you for stopping by.  
Have a wonderful day and a weekend 
God bless. 
For in the multitude of dreams 
and many words there is also vanity. 
But fear God. 
Ecclesiastes 5:7

Double Celebration

Yesterday was my anniversary of starting a blog
Very crazy for I never taught I will be doing it for a year
The ideas, the creativeness which we all have in us 
So today is just a thank you to everyone 

Crazy and madness I am in person 
Love life and love to dance 
Love myself truly sometimes I have to stop it
It can lead to all kind of crazy 
I smile a lot even to myself 
I have come a long way to be sad 
For the world is temporary and not my home 
I only have one life so I make the most of it

It was one day looking in the miracle 
I distinctly felt the urge to smile at myself
crazy right, but it felt right 
I saw a different me and I felt the joy of seeing the smile 
And I have not stopped smiling 
It years of smiling for it brings joy to others 
The heart wants what the heart wants 
The joy of Lord is my strength 
Blessed be the Lord God
Who is always faithful
Who has helped me in this journey

Last year, I decided to do something crazy
Crazy than normal, well unusual
When I started, I had no idea what I was doing
I still don't just going with the flow from the heart
A big shout out to
A friend of mine Priya, she did the groundwork she said Yes
So she literally did all the work, she was my cheerleader
She taught I will be good at it and convinced me
All I did was found a name and we started the journey
Another thank you to Niketa who read the work at the beginning
She read and we chatted about it, encouraging me

And so this started and here I am on a this journey
A journey that I have loved and still do
I have found my passion and love of the Lord
Well it has grown and changed in ways that I never taught it will
The Lord has been my Salvation
My strength and my motivation

In this journey I have met other bloggers
Who have inspired me and also motivated me to write, thank you
Given me a chance to showcase my God given potential
So yesterday was a year and still think it is crazy of me
God bless you all
And Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Happy Independent day - Sierra Leone (Salone)
Capital City Freetown - the land of free slaves
Yesterday we celebrated independence from the UK  27 April 1961
Sixty years ago, freedown was given 

One of the things I love about Sierra Leone 
Is the people are always happy and smiley 
Regardless of what is happening around them 
We are all crazy people but I do love it

If you ever go to Sierra Leone be warned 
We have two seasons rainy and dry season
May to November is raining season
In the month of August avoid it 
Seven days of rain continuously without fail 
No one knows when 
But any other month it is lovely to visit 
And our dry season is December to May 
I do miss it, 2019 was the last time I visited
Can't wait because all the food are organic 
The goat is killed and cooked in front of you 
Well not killed in front of your eyes 
But you see them going to the back to do it 
You have chicken in the garden

It is a beautiful country is all I can say 
The land of freedom 
The beach is white sand 
The mountains are called Lion mountains
The food is fresh 
Lord God I thank You for Sierra Leone


Another Day of Thanksgiving!

Everyone LOOK!
Come and see the breathtaking 
wonders of our God
For He brings both ruin and revival.
He's the one who makes conflicts end
throughout  the earth,
breaking and burning 
every weapon of war

Psalms 46:8-9 TPT
How shall we sing the Lord's song
For it is good to sing praises to our God
For it is pleasant and Praise is beautiful

O Praise the Lord!
For His Mercy endures forever
Blessed be the Lord God Almighty

He created all creatures
Come and see the sky that shows the beauty
The beauty that is beyond words, that makes you breathless

Let us come before the Almighty in awe and wonder
Without electricity or gas, we have no fire
Without gossip we have love for one another

What a wonderful God we serve
Create in us a clean heart O God
To see Your glory and to reflect Your goodness 

Lord You have created the wise, so we see the world
Thank You God for the people that brings wisdom to us all
Thank You that they listen to You and share the Good news

To bring the body closer to You and glorify Your name
Thank You Lord that through Your wisdom a house is built
And our foundation is in You only

Thank You Father for the friendship we build along the way
For it is in this that when one is less able 
We have others to help in need

For a friend loves at all times 
And a brother is born in adversity
Thank You for the body of Christ 

That each part has a purpose 
And each part is different to help each other 
when in need we call upon Your Name

Oh give thanks to the Lord 
Make known His deeds among the peoples!
He is the Lord our God

Blessed be His name
Praise the Lord!
Sing to Him a new song