Daisy – Delight that we are in spring and summer is round the corner!

Southwark Park
Oh what a sight 
To look and behold the wild
And commonly found wild flower 

They can withstand anything 
They tolerate the mowing, grazing and trampling 
They spring back to life 
Oh daisy, I love to look at your beauty

The beauty in the day’s eyes  
For in the day when the sun 
Rises my eyes will behold unto you
For at night I cannot see you 
Because you take a rest and close up 
So I will come and see your beauty in the daylight
For you bring smile to my face

Your persistent and widespread growth
Brings joy to all who look at you
You have been a joy to the children 
As they join the stalks together to make a 
beautiful chain or a headband 
Oh how when we grow up we forget the delight 
And so all we do is look and walk away

Let my eyes always see the beauty 
The strong and persistent beauty 
The tolerant that you show 
You withstand all the trampling 

I close my eyes and I am in field 
Of daisies and I run and let the sun be on my face
And my hands behold the beauty that is all around me

Thank you for stopping by, stop and see the beauty around 
© Hannah Michaela Vandi
Southwark Park

Another Day of Thanksgiving!

Everyone LOOK!
Come and see the breathtaking 
wonders of our God
For He brings both ruin and revival.
He's the one who makes conflicts end
throughout  the earth,
breaking and burning 
every weapon of war

Psalms 46:8-9 TPT
How shall we sing the Lord's song
For it is good to sing praises to our God
For it is pleasant and Praise is beautiful

O Praise the Lord!
For His Mercy endures forever
Blessed be the Lord God Almighty

He created all creatures
Come and see the sky that shows the beauty
The beauty that is beyond words, that makes you breathless

Let us come before the Almighty in awe and wonder
Without electricity or gas, we have no fire
Without gossip we have love for one another

What a wonderful God we serve
Create in us a clean heart O God
To see Your glory and to reflect Your goodness 

Lord You have created the wise, so we see the world
Thank You God for the people that brings wisdom to us all
Thank You that they listen to You and share the Good news

To bring the body closer to You and glorify Your name
Thank You Lord that through Your wisdom a house is built
And our foundation is in You only

Thank You Father for the friendship we build along the way
For it is in this that when one is less able 
We have others to help in need

For a friend loves at all times 
And a brother is born in adversity
Thank You for the body of Christ 

That each part has a purpose 
And each part is different to help each other 
when in need we call upon Your Name

Oh give thanks to the Lord 
Make known His deeds among the peoples!
He is the Lord our God

Blessed be His name
Praise the Lord!
Sing to Him a new song

Walking into the unknown

'I will set him over my house and my kingdom for ever; 
his throne will be established for ever.” ’ '
1 Chronicles 17:14

The Story continues….as my imagination runs wild, I let my heart do the talking and mind follow the trail. Welcome to the next part!

Nwe, looking closely at the entrance and seeing that Athan seems to be doing nothing, thinking to herself a sword would be great and having only used one as a practice and mostly in the video games. With this in mind, appeared in her right hand was a slick and thin blade. The handle was elegantly wrapped in red leather and green highlights shone along the handle constructure. 

Looking at Folrose and Athan who seemed very busy and didn’t notice as it disappeared just as it appeared. Maybe she was imaginary or possible hallucinating as she started to move away from the others.

Whispering to herself, Sword! and nothing happened. Sword and again nothing. Are you okay? came the voice of Folrose, pulling her to the side whispering and explaining what happened.

This is crazy, how could we fight with no weapon as I let her head rest  on the wall with frustration and a sigh. A sword appeared again this time it was real and she felt the energy passing through her with a new found strength. Both looked at her and then the sword in her hand and said nothing as she walked past them for an instant it was in control and then she came to her senses. Coming to a halt at the entrance as the scene was not what was expected. 

In the hall was a woman at the centre of a platform, with wild dogs surrounding her and on the edges men and where listening to every word she was saying. What happened in the last ten minutes, we thought it was three. 

Turning her attention to us, welcome Nwe we have waited for you as Athan stood behind us with a gun pointing at us and with a pushed from him we both stumbled forward. Then the three men came and moved us and Athan walked past and met her. With a passionate kiss they stood together and she moved speaking to him but looking at us, well done you did well. Was it easy? Yes, said Athan and turning around with a commanding voice spoke to the men, take the sword from her and bring it here. 

As they got closer, the white sword turned black flame and was spitting its flames on the ground. Gesturing to Folrose to move closer to my side and then forming a circle around both of us with the blackened flame. The first man who touched the circle was just as surprised as I was when he turned into a black tar and burst out leaving traces of his bones scattered in all directions. 

Looked up to see my new friend Athan coming to me with this woman. Well, you have no idea what that can do. Give it to me before you hurt yourself and worst my men. As she stretched her arms out, not coming close enough for fear that she might disintegrate. I am Amiya and turning around at Athan, I thought you said she doesn’t know how to wield it? 

Is this why you called me down here to get the sword, said Nwe. 

Yes, said Amiya and it is mine as she wielded two daggers out of thin air and turned to look at me. Looking at the men around her.

Nwe have seen lots of very attractive women before, but none as beautiful as Amiya. She realised that she was staring at her and didn’t see Athan on the other side of the room until Folrose jumped to protect her and was stabbed through the side of flame with a hole to allow room for the dagger only. Holding unto her and carefully laying her on the floor. Raising the sword, Amiya shouted don’t do what you’re about to do. 

Nwe glanced at Athan and then at Folrose on the floor, the pain she felt was overwhelming and was passing into the sword. The black flame was spitting out more flames and she formed a thicker ring round her and the flames were increasing as the anger in her increased. In the centre surrounded by the flame, she sat down next to Folrose. Not knowing what to do looked up and saw them talking but couldn’t hear what she was saying. 

Amiya looked at Athan, I thought she didn’t know how to use it. Walking away to the centre, guess she is a quick learner, said Athan. She paused and looked away from him, having dark thoughts about her husband was now becoming a norm, after what had just happened, she aimlessly played with one of the dogs. It did hurt that the sword was not hers again, why was the colour different?  Does it have different colours? Turning around with a shout, someone needs to find a way to get in. 

She doesn’t remember dieing. The dance sounds, could it be that death was here to collect her. Ever since meeting Nwe, nothing but adventures and troubles and now death. What is life? If she is dead, nothing she can do about it but face it. Looking at Nwe…. to be continued

Let the Sparks Fly

Be exalted, O Lord in Your own strength!
We will sing and Praise Your Power
Psalm 21:13 NKJV
The Earth yours and all that is in it
You have made man in Your image
Lord as I sit with You, 
You tell me a story and I love stories 

It reminds of the little girl at night 
In the moonlight listening to the stories of Life
You always amaze me, You give life to the forgotten
You heal the heart of the lost an impossible job for anyone 
because You are the God of impossibilities

I Love to hear the amazing stories of how You created the earth 
And how it was formed and everything You did was good 
In this  I see that You said one thing was not good 
And so Your servant dare to ask, what is it that is not good

It is not good for a man to be alone 
Why not? Let Your servant dare to speak
Some days I want to be alone
For they do annoy me 
Yes but you also annoy them

As I smile at Your wisdom, 
Together we are one, we value the difference we have 
You made us in Love and so 
We take responsibility, it is always Your grace that brings us together

For as the Iron gets closer to another we have difference of opinion 
Lord, thank You for Your Grace and Mercy for without it 
we will stay far away from each other
I have come to learn that an Iron cannot sharpen 
another Iron from a distance

And the more we get closer the more the sparks flies
The sparks are what makes who we are
Loving each other and speaking the truth in love
In Spite of the faults, so I surrender to You 

Let the sparks fly
Let the dust come out
As the Iron sharpens

For without it we are dull and lifeless
And will be but a statue
So I listen

And I see the beautiful colour of ropes tired together 
And standing against all waves and odds 
That comes there way

The bond is stronger together as the body 
Wisdom strengthens the wise 
For there is not a just man on earth who does good 
And does not sin

Also my dear child do not take to heart everything people say
Lest you hear something that will make you curse 
For you do not want to use your mouth you praise God with and curse another

I have come to realise two hands are better than one
To always fear the Lord and His commandment 
For everything is vanity, and meaningless 
Let the sparks fly and enjoy the joy of the Lord.

Thank You Jesus, You are our mediator 
You are the High Priest
You are the anchor that holds all the colours together

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

My Thinking

'The Lord says, 
“I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. 
I will advise you and watch over you.'
Psalms 32:8
Happy Friday, incase you didn’t know I love Fridays 
I also Love Mondays and Wednesdays and the other days 
BUT Fridays are reflection of the week and 
What has the Lord done for me 
And what has His servant done for HIM

Well this week, it is International women's week
I have walked around virtually of course seeing all the women of Faith 
The women in general and struggles and the struggles 
One of the theme that kept coming into my head each time 
Do not be conform to the pattern of this world 
Yes do not be, but be transformed by renewing of your mind

So I will extol You, O Lord, for You have have lifted me up
And have not let my foes rejoice over me
O Lord my God I cried out to You 
And You healed me

You have kept me alive 
You have kept me from falling into the pit
The pit of self destruction 
You have kept me focused on You

When my mind starts to wonder 
When my mind thinks so much
When my mind does not shut up 

I see You 
I turn to You 
I sit with You 
I give You thanks

Life is but fleeting moment 
The taught comes and goes 
The mind is always busy 

Have mercy O Lord, for I am in trouble 
My mind wonders and it is spent 
Yes my soul and my body are drained 
I had forgotten and like a dead man, out of my mind 
And a broken vase
The days seems longer

Then I look at You, Jesus my Lord 
The Joy of singing praises and dancing to our God 
Gives me the Joy that I could not understand
And I see the beautiful vase with cracks of gold 
Made whole in Your Lovingkindness
I will always trust in You, O Lord
Make Your Face shine upon Your servant 
Save me for Your mercies sake

As the day goes by my mind quiets down and 
Sleep comes in and as I lay my head 
Well I don’t know about You but I had a lot to say 
But I couldn’t say it 
Yes I wonder why myself
As I fall asleep 

I Love You Lord for Your promises are always 
YES in Christ and the Amen is for us 
© Hannah Michaela Vandi
Thank You for stopping by. 

Inspired by the Ragtag Daily prompt

The Lord Jesus will remain forever
His throne from generation to generation 
The circle of love is full of everything that life briings

May the light in you shine bright always
May the Name of our God be glorify
Have a restful weekend
In the Name of Jesus

© Hannah Michaela Vandi