“Treasure Trove of Information”

'And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? ' Matthew 16:26 
Greece – Rhodes
Well well, another day, another week. 
I pray that your journey this week  is full of adventure. 
As you know, miracles do happen everyday 
Also you are loved 
And you are a gift to the world. 
In the name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour, Amen

Thank you for indulging me in this process, life is a process and a series of it. But I do love it because I know that God walks with us. The vault is huge and let your imagination run wild. Where is this taking us? I ask myself this question all the time. In life we need to be questioning, so we can get answer. Come with me, we are going into the vault.  

We learning something not new but will refresh our mind, memory and love. I call it

The 900 angle: The right angle

A little story: I did love maths in school, because my papa taught me a simple way and the teacher at school was teaching me a difficult way so my young mind taught. We see the angles in life everyday, angles that receives blesses from God and ones that do not bring us any joy. We need the wisdom of God to help us in our daily life, through Christ Jesus

So my 900, the line that goes up and makes it a ninety degrees. To know myself, I first need to know who I am in Christ and to know who He is to me.

So as we sit inside the vault today it is always good to sit down in awe and wonder at GOD who created us and yet He wants us to be in His presence. I find that fascinating and He will always find the one, so today looking up at who He is. He comes with many names and He is personal to you and to me but He is not private.

He is all powerful
For you and I to be brave we need to know HIM
We cannot speak about someone or the Almighty GOD if we have no clue who He is.

Upwards GOD
Here are some of the ways I see HIM among the many:
As I marvel at the sky outside my house, I see who God is.
God is many things to each of us 
His teachings to us is unique and personal
He says my sheep will hear my voice and listen

He has enabled different ways to hear from HIM 
But we can never find it,  if we never sit in His presence and marvel at the glory of God 
And know what He sounds like
Listening to HIM, conversation is always two ways
One speaks and one listens. 

Sometimes, I do forget and do all the talking and no listening. If I am talking then I am not listening, some days it is just good to sit with no agenda and know that He cares and all I need to find the rest with God alone. 
Come sit with Jesus, the amazing thing is He has the fire going and the meal ready for us to just come sit, eat and relax.

We are all different and some of us will hear from GOD in a totally different way to another person
Some it will be 
 - in the quiet of our homes 
 - in nature 
 - in the busy place like the market place
 - a coffee shop

I admire people who hear in the market place, my mind is always thinking too much so I need to quiet it down. 
But we all are His children and He speaks
He loves us the way He built us, BUT

Do we listen? 
Do we tune in to the right station?

To get the right station we need fiddle with the knob until we get it right 

Are you turning the station? Are you looking? If you are then you will definitely find HIM
How can I be so confident? Because God said so and He is not a man to lie. 

ME, I mean US — HUMANS

I am human - the common phrase. 
I hope you are too, if not then welcome to the world human beings.  

For we are strange  
But we not animal 
Our Instincts are governed by our choices  
Our feelings and desires are subject to us 

Yes we are humans and let talk about self love

My sheep will hear my voice, you cannot hear that voice if you don’t know HIM we need to know who He is to separate His voice from the other voices. 

I tell you, so many voices in the midst of the busyness.

The storm, the earthquakes. The whisper will come in the quiet of our mind.

We all hear the phrase the oxygen mask. Well you are no good to anyone if the mask is not on and you are on the floor passed out. What good is that?

Self Love comes from knowing who God is, receiving and knowing that your identity is not found in man but what the LORD GOD says:

He says:
Before the world was created I AM who I AM and 
He loved us and 
He choose us and 
I am not an accident and 
I am beautiful and wonderful made and 
It gives Him great pleasure to sit with us and 
He adopted us on purpose to be part of His family through Christ Jesus

Don’t know about you, but knowing this brings joy to my heart. And I will praise GOD for the glorious grace He has poured on each of us who belong to His dear SON.


Yes we are all annoying, well I know I am 
But as with family, the neighbours the flat line away from the centre
Still talking about the 900 angle
Straight across to looking back at the ninety making it one hundred and eighty, 
and right round three-sixty we have all manner of people around us

You cannot say I love GOD yet hate the man in your 3600 angle
We all have blind spot and that is why we are in the body 
To love, to cry, to hug (virtually) and also to be angry at the things that matters to us 
To show compassion, empathy, forgiveness because ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD

So my theory is this 900 angle: I need to look up and receive and then spread it at 900 and turn around in a circle to form a 3600angle always in the presence of GOD receiving His love and sharing it for I cannot give what I don’t have.

Be bless and know that you are blessed and highly favoured 

Stay tuned with the LORD always.