Xavier “The New House”

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. Matthew 25:29 NIV

Xavier has succeeded in not being limited or constrained by the COVID19, but has trusted in His God who has restored him to life through his artwork and the people around him.
This also includes professionals on the matter of the mind

His artwork is also to help black minds matter 
To remove the stigma that we seem to think that it is a weakness 
It is for us to understand that the mind is complex and 
Not a weakness to speak up about it

It takes courage and strength to speak up on matters of the mind. 
It is not a taboo or voodoo or demon possession as people will like to think.
We need to accept it and speak to people that God has given the talents to understand the mind.
That is the way to healing
Speak up and don’t let it bury you

Just a few snap shot of his art work. And if you want to learn more about him please click the links below.
Follow the artist on Instagram: @byxaviart
Visit the artists website: byxaviart.com

What God does for us in the ground is beyond what any man can see or dream. As I spend my weekend in an art museum taking pictures of the amazing artist who started his art work in the Lockdown. 

Links above to His work and social media page. He used his art to fight the concept of mental depression. God gives us tools to use when it comes to healing our minds, we have doctors and our own talents that we can use. From drawing, to writing, to taking pictures but we are never alone and you are not alone. Talk to someone to help but never ever sit and think this is it.  I give up, it is not part of our DNA as a child of God. He will never give upon you so never give upon yourself.

Everyone will look at a picture and it will bring something inside you, God will speak to you through those pictures or you will get a sense of it or something different.

Pink pic the brightest picture: This is my favourite picture: The lady with the crown

We are all children of God and that means we are automatically princess and princes because He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This fact will never change that you are a prince or princess. A prince can or cannot be a king but will always be prince. A princess can or cannot be a queen but will always be a princess.

The crown is with us always from birth; you are the prince or princess to the King of Kings and that will never change. Your crown is attainable and within reach. Grab it and walk as God intented you to walk.

Next favourite is – The diamond and rose:

When diamonds are found they are never polished, they are rough and uneven but very beautiful and precious that you will want to have it. Once polished the rose comes out, roses are different shades of colours, 

We are all God’s precious diamonds in the ground, rough on the edges, and hard to break. It takes a lot to break a diamond apart.

According to google definition: Diamonds  are a precious stone consisting of a clear and colourless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance.

Few definitions for rose that resonate with the theme of the art work:

Rise succeed in not being limited or constrained by (a restrictive environment or situation). And also be restored to life. find the strength or ability to respond adequately to (a challenging situation).

God is the one that gives us the ability to do anything, and also when He gives us skills we are expected to use it to bring Him glory. As always, thank You God for sending Jesus to show us what it means to be in the kingdom knowing that we are all servant and we work for you alone. Lord give us strength to move out of the way and let Your glory shine.

Thank you for reading and be blessed. The Lord smiles at you each day.

Hannah-Michaela We can not control what happens around us but we can control our responses. Have a wonderful day and if you going to bed then sweet dreams.

He likes me!

Teach me, Lord , the way of your decrees, that I may follow it to the end.
Psalms 119:33 NIV

No matter what we are going through, God not only LOVES us but He likes us individually and corporately.  Think about it, not only LOVE but LIKES you as you are. Especially our personality which is why we are all different like the colours of the rainbow. Inspired by The Book of Psalms and John.

The rainbow is a symbol of God’s refelection on us to bring His beauty into the world. The flower is just a gift of Love

O Lord God, You are my God
Early will I seek You
My soul thirst for You
My flesh longs for You

Because of Your Loving Kindness 
I have a life worth living
My lips will Praise You
My heart choose to walk with You 

In the morning when I get up 
My mind is already seeking 
to get attention in every direction
From all the wrong places

And they do not satisfy my hunger and thirst
It is only when I get to Your Word that 
I find myself relax, convicted and corrected
Why do I always choose You last?

I hunger and thirst daily for the food around me
But they do not satisfy me
You say fast, and pray and I say tomorrow
Only to find out that fasting is beneficial for the body

Why do I always choose You last
Why do I not listen and obey You
When all the things You say are to benefit me
To bring You glory and honour

I do long walks daily to get all 
The fear and anxiety out of my head
And You say to me come to me 
All who are weary and heavy laden 

And I will give you Rest
You give me the rest I never found in the world
Now when I do my long walks it is to see 
The beauty of Your Creation

That Power only belongs to You God
Also to You Lord belongs Mercy
When I let my hair out
When I smile in the mirror 

When I truly look at myself inwardly
It is because I know You truly like me
My personality with the ups and downs of life
You Father are always smiling down at me

You LIKE me!
Why? Because You say so and I will always trust You

Thanks for reading, it is for you to personalise it and know that GOD actually LIKES YOU. We don’t need proof because..

The Word becomes Flesh and dwelt among us
In Him was life and the life was the light of men
And that light shines in the darkness
And that darkness did not comprehend it

Jesus I Love you!
Yahweh I Love you!
Thank You for choosing me.
Have a wonderful day, knowing that God likes you. 
Hannah-Michaela Vandi - "We cannot control what happens around us but we can control our responses with love"