Who doesn't like action!

This is inspired by RDP Sunday: ACTION
Action speaks louder than words 
One should always watch what comes out of the mouth

Early this morning 
Woke up with a song in my head 

As I wear my full armour and dance I forgot 
One of the most important thing because I was so distracted 

I was looking at how the dress look 
Swirling around and the thoughts started 

Got hold of the dagger inscribed 
Do not forget the Helmet

Oh yes that is it and as we walked out 
Oh what joy to fully dress in the Lord with a smile to make the day

But in all this I must not forget to pray in the spirit 
What is man without communicating with the Father 

For it is like a dead man walking
Oh the joy of walking with spirit 

It gives understanding that I cannot explain 
My mind is joyful and at peace all the time

Yes the Father is worth walking with 
Take every action to wear the full armour of God
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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Have a wonderful day and a weekend 
God bless. 
For in the multitude of dreams 
and many words there is also vanity. 
But fear God. 
Ecclesiastes 5:7


For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Philippians 1:21
Tower Bridge, London, Edited
How true are these words to me?
Life is full of ups and down
To live is Christ 
To die is gain for if I live in the flesh 
I will gratify the desires of the flesh 

I said to myself 
I don't have a car or pet 
No need for both

What do you mean? 

Exactly I love to walk and sometimes 
I just lie on the carpet or rug 
And let my mind wander off 
And today I let it wander

What is life without Love 
By night on my bed I sought the one I love 
I looked for Him could not find Him 

So I say to myself 
Let us rise now for the sun is shining
And go to the park 
In the streets I will clear my head 
I will seek the one I love 
I looked for him and did not find him 
I came home and lie on my carpet

Looking at the ceiling 
As my mind let the heart speak 
All along we don’t need to find Love 
Love is always with us
Scarcely had I close my eyes 
When I notice that love is all around me  
What a beautiful day and the phone rings

A friend to remind me of the love around me 
As the leaves falls down in the autumn 
The sun brings light in the day 
Do not stir up nor awaken love 
Until it pleases 

© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Thank you for stopping by.  
Have a wonderful day and a weekend 
God bless. 
For in the multitude of dreams 
and many words there is also vanity. 
But fear God. 
Ecclesiastes 5:7

Foolish Things

Westminster-Mayfair 2018

Where are you taking me this time? 

Wait and see… 

Don’t you have fun on these little adventures?

Well I don’t know about fun and not sure how you find these places?

You like the artwork, right?

Beauty is the eyes of the beholder

I don’t find them art, to be honest

Not sure I understand the meaning?

Well you like it, and I don’t and they are foolish things

Why follow? 

Well, because you find them creative and you are quirky 

And your eyes light up each time and I also get to meet interesting people

I like that.

We are here…

What do you think?

This looks like a church building 

They have people’s undies hanging on the ceiling?

Fascinating right? It not just undies, it’s artwork. Look again.

Did you pay for us to come here?

Well yes and no

It is a donation, you put it at the entrance.

Why do you like these things?

Well I do like you, even when you act foolish
Who knows the mind 
I keep coming back to you
Tell you what, I keep asking myself the same thing
Love is foolish and comes at you 
When you don't expect it 


© Hannah Michaela Vandi

Thank you for stopping by.  
Have a wonderful day and a weekend 
God bless. 
For in the multitude of dreams 
and many words there is also vanity. 
But fear God. 
Ecclesiastes 5:7

The circle

London City Centre: 2018 when people meet outside and things happen.
Something profound about the circle of Love
For God is Love 

In His circle comes light that shines and invites 
In His circle I found love for others 
In His circle romance is pure and inviting 
For He created love

The lights shines in a distance 
I stop in my track 
I walk right into the circle

The rainbow was inviting 
A music in the mind gets the feet dancing 
Moving around the radius 

I was awakened 
As the feet moved around the circle 
The hands swirls with every sound

Who is this coming into the circle
My heart was set up high as 
we moved around the circle together

Many waters cannot quench love
Nor can the floods drown it 
Set a seal on the circle

And pull me into your hands
For love is as strong as death 
The flames are flames of fire
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Inspired by the Ragtag Daily prompt

The Lord Jesus will remain forever
His throne from generation to generation 
The circle of love is full of everything that life briings

May the light in you shine bright always
May the Name of our God be glorify
Have a restful weekend
In the Name of Jesus

© Hannah Michaela Vandi


Warnham Nature Reserve
You are aware …
Of what are you talking about 
Well we are not Octopus

I know we are not but I found something 
Oh yeah!

They have a short life expectancy
Really, how long will you say

It ranges from as little as Six months..

Another thing to note about Octopuses.
What’s that?

They never eat in the open 
They are created to feel safe while eating 
So they will bring the captured prey back to the den

Yes do and they also...
Always carry more than they can eat 

Well if you have those eight-limbed molluscs 
I will too.

You certainly don’t need eight 
You already have more than you should anyway with two..

Be nice.. 

Can’t help it, you open the door so easily. 
Why not pull some of your legs out..
they might grow into eight.. who knows


I feel for them?
Why is that? Asides from humans 
They are often preyed by fishes, seabirds 

Well they are beautiful creatures
but they are  
Created to also defend themselves 
Created to disguised themselves 
With camouflage or mimicry

Ones eyes look afar
One can not help but look in awe and wonder 
Ones minds cannot comprehend the beauty 

Things too wonderful for me
which I did not know
©Hannah Michaela Vandi
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Bless you and have a wonderful Tuesday!