Be angry BUT do no sin!

'“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. 
“Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” '

Ecclesiastes 1:2 NIV
Tonbridge, UK.
What a statement? 
Be angry but do not sin
For sin leads to death

This has never sounded so true 
in my heart until this week
Can I tell I had a fab weekend 
I don’t do camping, 
so a shock to me when 
I actually enjoyed it, 
guess what it was just one night 

Seeing what God has made 
Hearing the birds at night as they sing 
Walking in the woods and playing games 
Was nothing more than a miracle from God
To be a child and enjoy life 
is far beyond my imagination

Glory to the Father 
He has made it possible
He has been my Rock 

And England lost, 
disappointed but it only a game
It is amazing we got to the final 
What a great job they did
I am thankful for those young boys
They all did an amazing job 

So when Monday came, 
I see all the racist comments 
I must say the heat started to go up
The water on the fire wood 
was starting boil over 
I could see it splashing into the fire
It was spiraling and I had to take 
Some woods out to cool the heat 
and let the water simmer

Oh how much angrier can anyone get 
For I look to my Lord
I call on His Name, 
how much longer can this go on for
Worst things happen around the world 
I do not need this, 

For so long we have been oppressed 
For so long we have been mocked 
For so long, my hair is been ridiculed 
It was not professional enough
I should straighten it out 

O’Lord my God, You have made me 
Given me this amazing and beautiful hair and 

How can they be so cruel
The memories start to flow out as I hear the chanting 
The names that can only come from the enemy 
Who is here to steal, kill and destroy
Yes, I forget to turn the heat down

Lord I am grateful that I know 
You created me in Your image 
You have created and know me before I was born 
You gave me Afro hair and I will not change it for anything
You gave me the colour of my skin 

I am dark but lovely 
Do not look upon me because I am dark 
For the Lord has created me this way 
To withstand the sun, 
To enjoy His creation
To be who I am and that my dear brothers and sisters 
Is to worship Him only 

I have come into the garden
I have come to plant 
I have come to dance 
I have come to be merry 

For the Lord has given me the joy of salvation 
For the Lord has turn my heart of stone to flesh 
For the Lord has shielded me from my oppressor

For who am I
I can be angry but the Grace allows me to not sin 
I walk and see Reuben angry and sinned against God 
He slept with his father’s concubine
Or Simeon and Levi, they had every right to be angry 
But they sin against God, killing everyone

For my God says,
I will fight Your battle 
Why should I not trust him?
Yes, I will be angry at the way life comes out 
Life is in the hands of God
The road is narrow and I will come in contact with 
Obstacles but I have my Lord at my right hand 
Who says, I will never leave you nor forsake you

To everything there is a season
     A time to mourn
         A time to dance
             A time to keep silence 
                 A time to speak
                     A time of war 
                        And a time for peace 

I know that whatever the Lord does 
It shall be forever
Nothing can be added or taken away
So I will not fear man but God
For what God says He does
And God requires an account of what is past

How I love the Lord 
For He heals the mind
The most powerful thing I have learned is 
To be silent and still in His presence 
For the Lord sees, and knows all

Be angry, but do not sin
Let God fight your battle
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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Be blessed

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Happy May Day

May you see this month in its fullness
May you walk in the path  that the Lord has set for you
May you shine with the light inside of you
All this in Christ Jesus’ name. Amen
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Sometimes my mind wonder 
I look around me and see the houses 
I go for a walk and see the trees
I love trees, although I do have tree allergy 

My allergy is early of spring and somehow 
It gets better in the season 
By the middle of spring I feel better 
Well glory to the Father for the beautiful sight of the tree

A tree alone is looked over
A tree with its branches and flowers is adore
A tree full of life attracts others to itself
A tree only provides shades when it is covered with leaves
Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Lord fights for us!

'How truly wonderful and delightful it is to see brothers and sisters living together in sweet unity! 
It’s as precious as the sacred scented oil flowing from the head of the high priest Aaron, 
dripping down upon his beard and running all the way down to the hem of his priestly robes. 
This harmony can be compared to the dew dripping from Mount Hermon, 
which flows down upon the hills of Zion. 
Indeed, that is where Yahweh has decreed his blessings will be found, 
the promise of life forevermore!'

Psalms 133:1-3 TPT
Blessed are those who delight in the Lord
For it is in Him we find rest 

Though we see the week unfold
We sit and think and memories unfold 
All the hurt comes to the surface 
Indeed we know the true 

We are but mere mortals 
We cry out to our God to prove the innocence 
Of our loved ones
Though we wished to dispute 
Though they wished to silence

We take the case to our God 
His wisdom is profound 
His power is vast
Who has resisted Him and come out unscathed?

He moves the mountains
So in the midst of trails 
My mind look back to last year 
As I walked and felt the unloving nature of the heart of men

For God has created us 
We are His children 
He moves the mountains without us knowing 
He shakes the earth from its place 

He shines light in the darkness 
He speaks to the sun and it does not shine
He seals off the light of the stars 
He sees the heart of all

I have loved the week 
The sun had shine even with a cold wind
The sun brings a smile to my face 
The sun brings a smile to people’s faces

We look in anticipation and pleaded 
With our Lord for mercy 
We waited for a long time 
Even though we were innocent

We do not believe He would give us a hearing 
And we felt the crush with a storm 
Our wounds multiply as we look and wait 
As we hold our breath  

We are overwhelmed with misery 
If it is a matter of strength, it is only found in Him 
He is mighty, and a matter of justice, 
Who can challenge Him? No one is like our God

Only for a moment as wait 
I forget the troubles of the world 
I reflected on the events of the week 
I have found that events brings memories 

So I focus on my plants 
My plants are coming nicely and 
I decided to add another tree to the list 
Already have a pear and now cherry Duo

Can't wait to see them grow
So the week unfold and verdict is set 
A relief brings back a sigh 
And the journey to restoration starts 

For today we do not forget but let us 
Sing, O daughters of the earth 
Shout and pray!
Be glad and rejoice with all your heart
For we have waited for the Lord 

They have done violence to the Law 
The Lord is righteous in our midst 
He will do no unrighteousness 
Every morning He brings His justice to light

He never fails 
But the unjust knows no shame 
Therefore we will wait on the Lord 
For the Lord is always near to all

The mighty One will save 
He will rejoice over us with gladness
He will quiet us with His Love
He will rejoice over us with His singing

For early in the morning 
I hear the birds singing 
He comforts those who mourn
So our eyes look to the Lord our God

Blessed are the merciful
For they shall obtain more mercy.
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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Cold but sunny!

'Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar. '
Isaiah 33:17NIV
Southwark park entrance it smells so nice and also you get to see the beauty of the flowers and trees
Oh come let us sing 
and make a joyful sound to the Lord
It has been cold this week 
What a week? I am not so sure 
Are we in spring or winter
For as I opened the blinds to let the sun in
To my surprise it was snowing 
In April not rain but snow 

So I had time to reflect 
Look at the detail of Christ 
Few words kept coming across my eyes 
Why do you seek? He asked His parents
Man shall not live by bread alone 
But by every word of God

The temptation of the world 
Cannot be overcome alone
For it is in Christ that we are set free 
For though I walk through the valley
Or thrown into the fire I am never alone

Launch out into the deep and let down 
Your nets for a catch
So I walk into the deep 
A deep end that requires LOVE
Not a feeling for it did pass

For when I had no feeling 
I knew what love really was 
Love is an action that is incredibly patient
Love does not reason in it heart
But believes the best in people 
It goes out of it way to give without expecting a return

So I listen to the music 
And I dance to it as it snows outside 
And then I braved it outside 
Why? I like to walk 
With winter coats and hats on for the sun was out but cold 
Even with the cold under the sunlight I feel the warmth 
It made me smile and forget the troubles
As I cast all my cares and troubles to Him
And as I remember the season of resurrection 

Who do you say I am?
The Christ of God
Then pick up your cross and follow me
No looking back 
Follow me 

Do not be afraid to follow me 
For I will show You who to fear
Fear God, who has the power to cast your 
Soul into hell, Yes do fear Him!
In reverent fear 
Therefore let Your words be few 
Better not to vow than to vow and not pay
For the Lord is faithful 
His grace abounds in each of us
He is slow to anger and abandoning in Love

Yes I did decide to buy a foam roller
Then I wonder why this late because they are incredible
Getting a massage, wow so I feel all the aches and pains 
In a good way, see I get pleased very easily
Little things make my eyes smile

Oh come let us sing 
Praise to the Lord!
© Hannah Michaela Vandi

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Be blessed

All pictures are taken by moi and some modify with the help of technology, I mean apps 🙂

Into the woods:

'and it sprouted and became a low, spreading vine. Its branches turned toward him, but its roots remained under it. So it became a vine and produced branches and put out leafy boughs. '

Ezekiel 17:6

Walk in the woods: I really do love to walk in strange places so it was no different for me to choose to do this on my birthday, if not for the dangers of the unknown I will be constantly on the walks at all hours my legs could take me.

So I use caution on my walks and am very alert and have no headphones: I walk and hear the songs of the birds and allow me to not miss the things around me. In the midst of the talking I notice the roots of a large tree. Yes talking not by myself for that would be strange and crazy, although I do think crazy is fun and madness is the world. The roots were dry and it was only from the fall I could see the roots. As I ponder at the strangeness and wonders of God. Even a fallen tree has a purpose.

In these new plants different little trees start to grow. 
The tree becomes a sit and a shelter for all that pass by

It needed to fall for it to become the shelter 
It needed to fall for it to become the rock 
It needed to fall for it to know how much love is a cost 

The fall restores faith and hope 
It is in Him that I am made strong in my weakness 

So as I walk I become restored not by works but knowing who Christ is in me 

On the floor I see everything around me 
I am made humble on the floor and I bow to You 
Lord For I see what Loving You is really like 

So I continue my journey 
And ponder this in my heart - create a clean heart Lord in me

Thank You Father for choosing me

Oh dear, look around. It is time for me to say goodbye but... hope to see you again.

Thank you again for stopping by it means a lot to me

Pray you have a wonderful week 🙂

May your week be full of The Joy of the Lord
I praise God for your life
May He teach you
His way as you walk in His foot path
In the Name of Jesus

We cannot control what happens around us, 
but we can control our responses.
Be bless and know that the Lord loves you
Lots of Love - Hannah

©Hannah M Vandi.

And I also pray that this verse refreshes you this week: 
I consider my life worth nothing to me; 
my only aim is to finish the race and 
complete the task the Lord Jesus has given 
me—the task of testifying to the 
good news of God’s grace. '
Acts 20:24 NIV

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